Dec 14, 2009 jw36 commented on Sci-Fi Author Beaten at U.S./Canada Border.
Those who question that the US border guards were the assholes here:
How often do we hear about this kind of bullshit from Canadian border guards?

Also, @7 and @19: Agreed.
Dec 12, 2009 jw36 commented on Today in Service Animals.
Judging from the photo, I think I can safely say that lady is awesome.
Dec 12, 2009 jw36 commented on Letter to the Editor: Charles Mudede's "Nasty Imagination".
Patricia, @30, I'm sorry, but did it ever occur to you that maybe you are just not a reader fit to be reading any descriptions of sex crimes in the first place?

You say: the line I was objecting to was: "Guede inserts his hand into her vagina."
I think you may be confused here. Did you think this was something that Charles made up to make the story titillating?

In fact, Charles has already explained in the comments that this was part of prosecutor Mignini's time line, presented in court on Nov 21: "23:40 - Meredith is on her knees, threatened by Amanda with the knife while Rudy holds her with one hand and with the other hand carries out an assault on her vagina.

Do you think that it didn't happen? (Both side in the trial agree that Guede's DNA was found inside Meredith's vagina.) Or, do you think that even if it did happen it's not fit to be mentioned in stories and articles related to this sexual assault and murder trial?

You go on to say, Not slipping into pants, but inserting into body parts without the consent of the other party. Not only is it porn, if you did it to someone yourself you could go to jail for it.

Well, that's what this whole thing is about, isn't it?!
People are indeed in jail right now, charged with this very sexual assault and murder case. Were you honestly not aware of that?
Dec 10, 2009 jw36 commented on She Didn't Do It.
I know you really, really want to believe that Amanda is innocent, Madison. But, honestly, read the points outlined by @10 and the link posted by @15 and compare them to what you've written here. Better yet, (and really I'm talking more to the commenters like Fnarf and Max Solomon who have been posting garbage about this case; she's a "normal middle class seattle college student" blah blah blah), please write specifically about these points instead of just glossing over them.
Dec 7, 2009 jw36 commented on UPDATE: Amanda Knox Is Guilty.
@106, seconded.

+ I'm so sick of hearing bullshit like @54's i'm with fnarf. this is a normal middle class seattle college student. she smokes weed, she has premarital sex without guilt, she does yoga poses to calm herself down in a stressful situation. (Can you even read that italicized quote without putting it in a high-pitched sarcastic voice?)

I certainly won't proclaim to have any idea about exactly what happened, but what was her alibi supposed to be again? And at what point in the investigation did she start claiming that one?
Dec 7, 2009 jw36 commented on Recently in Spreading Diplomacy.
I hope Japan, in a "descent into 3-world status," doesn't try to send these precious little angels to jail despite their U.S. passports! We've recently had problems with things like that, you know?
Dec 4, 2009 jw36 commented on UPDATE: Amanda Knox Is Guilty.
@30, Fnarf, could you elaborate on that, if you don't mind?
I've only been following loosely, and I don't have much sense of whether I think she's guilty or not at this point.
Dec 2, 2009 jw36 commented on An Ad for Print Books.
I'll bet you could count on 2 hands the number of people that could watch that all the way through without having a seizure AND sit still long enough to actually read a physical book all the way through..
Dec 2, 2009 jw36 commented on An Andy Rooney Moment™.
@21, which is worse?
Dec 2, 2009 jw36 commented on Re: An Andy Rooney Moment™.
Do not tip them a dollar for this!