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On the unlikely chance she wants to take Self-Defense-Guy up on his offer, she obviously needs to demand money up-front. No so-called "bets."

I really liked the response from #28 @avast2006 . I hadn't thought about it that way, as a set-up, but it makes perfect sense. Although it's hard to imagine someone consciously coming up with that idea for the purposes of manipulation -- definitely sly and evil.

My thinking was the guy proposed the bet just to make her more comfortable, or sort of as a red herring to distract from what was really happening.

Whatever it is, I don't think she should indulge the guy under any circumstances. No matter what she can get him to agree to. Seems at best-case not the kind of road one would want to go down, and at worst-case in an unsafe situation. Whether he's just into ball-busting or not, the guy sounds like a rapist in the making.

I also think she should still call him out on it and make it clear she's not being fooled by him. And then if she's feeling particularly evil she can let his wife know why she's not going back. At least then she'll get some sort of reward for services rendered.

But do not ever go back for another "self-defense lesson" or workout again. Even WKBFM herself put scare-quotes around "self-defense training." What does that tell you?