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Nov 22, 2012 MJM Studios joined My Stranger Face
Nov 22, 2012 MJM Studios commented on Savage Love.
Tsk tsk, Dan. Poor advice for the babysitter. I usually wouldn't take valuable time out of my day to comment on this, but I was more than disappointed in how you handled this one. Did she state in another non printed part of the letter that she has aspirations of becoming a seller of such services? Did you get the impression she was enjoying and just wants your permission to continue? Did you at least suggest on some safety issues and to value her services at least and charge a massive price? There is enough misogynistic messages for females in our world. Your advice could encourage others to see themselves as a commodity, and women already get that message loud and clear from the time they are small. The advice was narrow minded and potentially dangerous for her. "Think twice, send once" next time. We expect more of you.