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6:52 AM Mud Baby commented on Seattle's Homeowners Will Not Save the Poor.
Unfortunately, thanks to the Washington State Legislature, which has banned rent control in our state, homeownership is the only way people can get out from under greedy landlords and control their housing costs.
Aug 22 Mud Baby commented on Mayor Convenes Homelessness Task Force; Won't Stop Problematic Encampment Sweeps.
I have an idea. How about if we sweep Ed "I'm Making This Up As I Go Along" Murray from office in 2017?
Aug 16 Mud Baby commented on Council Passes "Grand Bargain" Legislation to Require Affordable Housing in New Apartment Buildings.
I see that the low end of percentage of affordable units that would have to be affordable has dropped to a new low of 3%. This is a grand bargain for developers and corporate landlords intent on making a killing building and owning on luxury apartments, but a boondoggle for people struggling to pay rent and buy food. I predict that 95% of the time developers will choose to pay a fee in lieu so their shiny new buildings can be 100% luxury units. It will take years to acquire property, design, permit and construct cheaper housing offsite for the "poors" on noisy arterials and/or in the far north and south ends of the city, where median incomes are much lower. The fact that Seattle makes absolutely no effort whatsoever to track loss and gain of affordable housing, or guarantee that people displaced when old buildings are knocked down have first dibs on the off site housing. All of this exposes HALA for the shell game it is, but nothing can make Ed Murray and his corporate sponsors blush.
Aug 12 Mud Baby commented on ST3 Supporters to Reuven Carlyle: We Can Fund Education and Transit.
Reuven Carlyle also rushed down to Olympia and immediately found $1,000,000 to build a chain link and razor wire fence to wall #Homeless people out of the #Jungle. He didn't get my vote in the primary and we won't get it in November.
Aug 10 Mud Baby commented on "I Am Not Afraid of a Building"—Debora Juarez and Mike O'Brien Debate Privilege and Controversial New Police Station.
"I've had families dealing with bias of the judicial system and everything else that goes with it..." Like prosecutors and judges being in bed with cops? What a disappointment it is to learn that Juarez is a gung ho law and justice freak who shrugs off the mysterious way the budget for this Taj Mahalesque building doubled since 2014.
Aug 6 Mud Baby commented on Seattle's Neighborhood Councils Are Exclusionary, Self-Interested "Cartels," and the City Wants to Cut Ties with Them.
Ed Murray keeps making stuff up as he goes along. Maybe we should cut times with HIM in the 2017 election.
Aug 1 Mud Baby commented on Guest Editorial: Density Done Right by Confronting Displacement.
It is also a joke that the City of Seattle doesn't even bother to track the loss and gain off affordable housing. If it does, it has neglected to share those data with the public. Maintenance of a transparent database that shows loss and gain of affordable housing units on an ongoing basis, in perpetuity, is the only way the public will ever know if HALA is meeting its goals.
Aug 1 Mud Baby commented on Guest Editorial: Density Done Right by Confronting Displacement.
Dan Bertolet is spouting classical Free Market Urbanism, which falsely posits that simply increasing the number of housing units will magically lead to more affordable housing. In all the hot real estate markets in the world--San Francisco, LA, NYC, London, Hong Kong, etc.--the exact opposite is the case. Left to its own devices, free market capitalism will never produce large amounts of affordable housing. The public option needs to be undertaken, namely acquisition of as much land as possible by public agencies or non-profit land trusts legally bound to keeping these lands public ownership in perpetuity, coupled with inherently low cost muni-bond financed construction of large amounts of basic, truly affordable housing for people making up to 50% of the area median income. HALA is a sham because more than 90% of the units it aims to produce will be affordable only to those making at least 80% AMI. As such, it is a recipe for density without affordability.
Jul 28 Mud Baby commented on Washington State Fines Volkswagen $176 Million Over False Emissions Reporting.
Infreakingcredible! Who ever knew the Department of Apology could find itself such a massive spine decked out with YUGE Stegasaurus dorsal plates!!!!!
Jul 28 Mud Baby commented on Seattle Hiring Private Investigator to Hunt for Police Whistleblower.
@2 In a just world, the Pete Holmes would recommend legislation to ban SPOG from our city. Why? Just name other labor organization that has extraordinary success in shielding cops from the legal consequences of brutalizing and murdering citizens. We the people should elect politicians why vow to end these pernicious institutions from the public sphere. That being said, I am otherwise 100% pro labor.