Carollani is wondering why the fuck anyone would post a status on The Stranger website.
Aug 7, 2012 Carollani commented on Let Them Eat Ladycake.
OOOh! I want to see this.
Oct 13, 2011 Carollani commented on Casual Misogyny Much?.
How it's okay to be so blatantly derogatory toward women just because they're women in this year and in this city is revolting to me. I mean, I know most of the men trolling the comments are looking to argue and bitch about just about anything, but for it to be okay in your minds to say "it's fine to treat women like trash as long as it's funny or if it doesn't effect me negatively" is so... uh, misogynistic.

The comments in this thread prove that Jen's observation is just the tip of the iceberg of sexism and misogyny. She made a quick observation about a small dig at women, and instead of seeing it as that you quickly pointed out that she's just a crazy bitch and doesn't know what the fuck she's bitching about out of her stupid fucking white girl prissy ass dick sucking lips. Yeah, you're not misogynists at all.
Oct 13, 2011 Carollani commented on Casual Misogyny Much?.
@86 If you honestly think the sign was making fun of Ashton Kutcher and not celebrating him for dumping an old worthless bag of boobs and bones you're seriously thick. To be perfectly clear: I mean you're stupid, and also a coward to not stand up for the female sex. It takes a real clever man to laugh at a joke about a woman.
Oct 13, 2011 Carollani commented on Casual Misogyny Much?.
@85 FTW!
Oct 13, 2011 Carollani commented on Casual Misogyny Much?.
Jen Graves is just a shrill, hysterical, bitchy, ball-busting, PMSing, femi-nazi. Then men who defend jokes about how older women are used up trash are HEROS! Keep it up, fellas--you're hilarious and a great treasure to our society!
Oct 4, 2011 Carollani commented on I Am An Ex-Mormon.
Thank you for posting this link. I've never seen something that explains so succinctly my own experiences in leaving the church. I've been watching video after video and I can't get enough.
Oct 3, 2011 Carollani commented on Shows Are Selling Out Fast.
I wish that ANY of the models in the HUMP! promotional photos were actually in HUMP!
Sep 14, 2011 Carollani commented on Not Just A Song This Morning, But A Request: Tell Me Something Good.
This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Thanks JG!
Sep 12, 2011 Carollani commented on The Cyclist Who Was Killed in a Car Collision on Saturday Evening.
I wish our city would lead on safety for cyclists. There should be PSA's telling drivers to look and listen for cyclists. There should be PSA's telling cyclists to use a bike bell to alert drivers to their existence. There needs to be a whole lot more conversation about the reality for cyclists on the road. An unaware cyclist will annoy you, but an unaware driver will kill you.