Mar 4, 2015 LAH commented on How to Order Wine When You Know Nothing About Wine.
#11 - true, to a point. Although, you are unlikely to change an entire established wine vocabulary with your complaint. The point I was trying to make is many people say "dry" when describing wines high in tannin (which "dry" out your mouth) and not wines with low perceptible sugar levels - which are most of them, especially in red wines.
This article does a good job explaining the types of sugar in wine and how some wine might have a "sweetness" despite having very low levels of residual sugar. Glucose and fructose are the most prevalent sugars in grapes, and those are converted to alcohol through fermentation. But, to your point, there is a small amount of sugar and other sweet-tasting compounds that aren't fermentable and may contribute to "sweeter" tasting wines that are nonetheless "technically" dry.…
Feb 27, 2015 LAH commented on How to Order Wine When You Know Nothing About Wine.
@7 - the sensation you are referring to comes from tannins. Dry only refers to the presence or absence of sugar. The vast majority of red wines are completely dry unless it's a port or other dessert wine, or a really shitty California wine that has added sugar to cover up winemaking flaws.

Sometimes a red wine can taste a little sweet because it's really fruity, but you aren't actually tasting sugar - just a young, ripe wine. If a wine drys your mouth out it is high in tannins. If it makes your mouth water - like a good Riesling or Sauvignon blanc, it's high in acid.

If you like high tannin cabs I would suggest describing it as bold or structured, but not too rich or fruity. Say you like wines with some tannin in them - nothing wrong with that! In terms of fruit - for red wine it is helpful to think in terms of red fruit (cherries in particular - this would more likely be a Pinot or Cab Franc) or black fruit (especially if you liked that cooked prune flavor in really big, ripe wines - some Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, or a lot of Italian varieties like Nebbiolo).
Dec 11, 2013 LAH commented on If You Read One Story Before the End of 2013, Make This It.
This story brought me to tears and inspired me to send $200 to my friend in NYC - she teaches at a public elementary school in Harlem. One of her students lives in a Bronx shelter with his 8 siblings and has to take 2 buses for an hour to get to class. Most of the other kids aren't much better off. Her classroom has one working power outlet. I'm hoping she can use the money to get the kids something to keep their minds occupied over winter break.
Aug 23, 2012 LAH commented on Slog Poll: What Is a "Leonetti's with Dinner"?.
Leonetti Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley 2009
More than 30 years after Gary and Nancy Figgins founded the winery—the first in the Walla Walla Valley—Leonetti Cellar continues to make lay-down-worthy wines that stand among the state’s best. Here second-generation winemaker Chris Figgins crafts a cabernet sauvignon for the ages, loaded with opulent fruit, earth, and barrel flavors. $88…
Apr 14, 2011 LAH commented on American Asshole.
The first sentence on his Wikipedia page currently says "Bret Easton Ellis (born March 7, 1964 in Los Angeles, California) is an American doooooouchebag and short story writer."
Feb 3, 2011 LAH commented on The Morning News.
The first person to graduate from the University of Washington was a woman. If anything, the men at UW should be the co-eds. What an annoying term!…
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Butthead for sure!
Feb 25, 2010 LAH commented on Indecent Liberties or Sexual Assault?.
Really? I would think the biggest "take home message" is it is wrong and against the law to sexually assault someone.
Feb 23, 2010 LAH commented on Hollywood Investing in White Women.
I noticed that cover too and so looked through the entire issue for any people of color. I think there were a couple black Tommy Hilfiger models, but it was honestly 99% white.
Feb 18, 2010 LAH commented on You Have to Leave Work.
Are the cherry blossoms out at UW yet?