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Oct 9 smiller555 commented on Art in a Cage.
Dear Shirtless - I certainly thought about putting folks in isolation for longer than an hour but three days? That is asking an awful lot of all the participants - also, I'd have to feed them and care for them. That was not my agenda here. They acted out the idea of long-term isolation and, even at an hour, it was more than effective for several of them.
Oct 8 smiller555 commented on Is Hitchhiker's "11" a Lateral K-Pop Evolution?.
Nicki Manji? That's an interesting take on her name. Personally, I kind of liked 11 but repetitious music has always appealed to me, from Art of Noise to Steve Reich to minimal techno.
Jul 2 smiller555 commented on Race-Baiting, Contemptuous, and Impossibly Dull: A Study Guide for The Stranger.
Every week I wish this preview of the latest issue included who did the cover art. Instead it's super buried in the website. Come on! We wanna know!
May 23 smiller555 commented on The Person Who Stole Kelly O's Camera from Linda's Tavern Got Duped by Superhero Security From Neumos.
Yay! I am THRILLED you got your camera back, Kelly!
Apr 21 smiller555 commented on Gimme Your Fucking T-Shirt, 'Mo-Waver!.
Awwww my friends are so damn cute!
Apr 1 smiller555 commented on Someone Just Broke Vermillion's Windows in Broad Daylight.
This is fucked up and totally undeserved. Blech. Sorry Diana.
Jan 28 smiller555 commented on Free, Open Culture.
That is an amazing resource! Thank you for pointing it out.
Jan 21 smiller555 commented on Meh.
His choices are so male-gazey and classicallzzzzz. It's eye-rollingly bad.
Dec 18, 2013 smiller555 commented on Study Guide Questions for The Stranger, Volume 23, Issue 16.
I sure wish Slog would post the artist name for the cover art in this weekly post. People want to know!
Dec 13, 2013 smiller555 commented on Megyn Kelly Isn't Just Another Pretty Face.
This post is sexist.

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