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Apr 30 Estey commented on I, Anonymous.
What a greedy little twit. Maybe you just suck at it?
Apr 21 Estey commented on "Life in Seattle" as Seen Through the Eyes of a 2013 Amazon Recruiting Video.
"Everyone runs! Everyone does Crossfit!" Yeah, even our quadriplegics! And all our homeless! It's a fucking miracle is what it is, really. It's because of all the healing sunshine people from other cities bring to us in in their blessed assholes. It kind of pools here, mixing around in our gene pool, healing all the sick and lame so everyone can jog and get ripped.
Mar 30 Estey commented on Going Clear Is Amazing and Depressing and You Should See It.
There are ex-Mars Hill parishioners who are repenting for their beliefs and behaviors peculiar to their time that church (misogyny, homophobia, money-worship). But more need to do so, and more need to do so publicly. And more apologetic outreach needs to happen to those of us who lost a unique and wonderful part of our independent music and arts scene due to its rise. But true, the tragedies of Scientology are far greater due to the amount of decades of outlandish harm and billions of dollars involved, compared to Mars Hill.
Mar 25 Estey commented on Lynn Shelton's New Project Is Set in Seattle. She Can't Shoot It Here..
Superb reporting, Charles. We have to wake up and fund what truly prospers the city, and not just land owners and construction firms.
Mar 25 Estey commented on The Decline of Western Civilization Gets Boxed!!.
Love it, Mike! Gonna dig in to everything old and new about it (except for the Grohl commentary, which I agree is mystifying). So many people from the films (Pat, Greg, Ron Reyes, Lee Ving, and I'm sure most of the no-doubt-hilarious hairballs from the second one) available to yammer. Ah well, still glorious news. Decline #1 still one of my all time favorite rock and roll movies, and #2 was supreme pop culture art and reporting. Still haven't seen #3 myself yet either ... but nice package!
Mar 12 Estey commented on Why the "Blurred Lines" Decision Is Ultimately Good for Music: A Dissenting View.
Good point. And yeah, fear probably isn't going to work, and that blazing future of "originality" is not going to happen. And I guess never really existed, ever.
Mar 12 Estey commented on Why the "Blurred Lines" Decision Is Ultimately Good for Music: A Dissenting View.
I love this utopian manifesto! God, if only. Yeah, but seriously, it's been way too easy the past few years for new music to just replay the creativity of previous generations. There really has been a death of originality, and if love doesn't work to change that, maybe fear will
Mar 4 Estey commented on Anatomy of a Photoshoot: John Criscitello's Cover Shot.
Fantastic work, Kelly O! No surprise from you, but really, superb posing, lighting, intention, delivery. Bravo to your photographic artwork! And to John's crucial work, as well.
Mar 4 Estey commented on Seattle Believes in Spirituality.
Great post. "Spirituality is to Christianity what excellence is to culture" is spot on, Charles.

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