Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Apr 3 Estey commented on Ambient Artist K. Leimer and the Quieter, More Electronic-Oriented Side of the Seattle Sound.
This looks fantastic! Thanks, Kathy. Definitely checking this out.
Apr 2 Estey commented on Queen Annes' Pre-Grunge Psych-Garage Gems Rescued on Something Quick 1980-1985.
Best news all day. Thanks, Dave! Man, I really wish I was working this one. Exactly the sweetness I love.
Apr 1 Estey commented on Someone Just Broke Vermillion's Windows in Broad Daylight.
We love you, Diana! You're the VERY best. Thank you for all you do for us! So glad it's covered but will still buy a lot more drinks soon and would love to box this dude's ears very, very, very hard.
Mar 26 Estey commented on Where Do We Go from Here, Charlie Brown?.
Great history and assessment, Paul. As you note, Fantagraphics publishes collected volumes of comic art no true library should be without -- but also put out the super-successful unique pop culture phenomenon Hip-Hop Family Tree, and wonderfully bizarre original books like the European reissue King Of The Flies (Volume Three due soon), and Couch Tag, the beautiful anthology of mini-comics by Jesse Reklaw. (Later this year, Listen, Whitey! author Pat Thomas will have a biography of Jerry Rubin out from them as well.) Mind-blowing stuff, all of it, comics or cultural documentation. Thanks so much for the reminder!
Mar 26 Estey commented on Seattle's Most Terrifying Coke Machine Gets Some Time in the Vice Spotlight.
Some people might read this thinking the locksmith dude is scamming about the mystery of the service guys coming and going. But I worked the night shift in places enough to know these things get re-upped often in the earliest hours of the morning. In locked down buildings, I usually let in vending machine suppliers anywhere from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.
Mar 25 Estey commented on How Does It Sound?.
Good Lord. It always is two songs in, isn't it? You think I'd have that timing memorized by now. But it's true.
Mar 24 Estey commented on Gimme Your Fucking... LEATHER!.
Beautiful, outrageously fun photos, Kelly O! Bravo!
Mar 19 Estey commented on Seattle's Professional Snuggle Service?!?.
Damn it, he starts this up here and it will take away work from my own season "Sensual Santa" biz. (h/t Eightball Comics)
Mar 19 Estey commented on Scott, the Millennial Republican, Has Opinions About Things.
Great post writing, Paul. And this guy should seriously be smoking a cigarette while he's saying these things, like that weird-ass Herman Cain TV ad. Especially in the one where he's at the gas pump, because that is full on fucking Republican these days.
Mar 11 Estey commented on No Joke: Reggie Watts Covers Bob Dylan's "Brownsville Girl".
Thanks, Dave. I actually could have guessed that's how they felt; and have to give them credit for admitting it in the PR. I am not sure I could have handled the pressure of that campaign, Dylan or not. Really appreciate you bringing it to our attention (I've actually wanted to hear some of these songs in another context), and avoiding the usual knee-jerk assault on that period of Dylan's oeuvre (though I've skipped most of it myself).

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