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Nov 26, 2012 zappernapper commented on Savage Love.
hehe... i just want to point out that homo-, bi-, and heterosexuality being viewed as "identities" is a pretty new concept. They were all just something people DID, not who they WERE. By "new concept" I mean that in the span of time we've had these words in our language, they've mostly been used solely to describe actions. For shorthand in clinical descriptions, ANYONE who performed a homosexual act was called homosexual (no "a"), much like nowadays when someone engages in poly acts we call them polyamorous.

I came to this article from a conservative link bemoaning the hypocrisy of "liberals"... they kind of have a point for Dan to not see his own history repeating. I will leave whether it's a good idea in general to turn *behaviors* into *identities* for another time ;-)