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Mar 5, 2014 argentinagal commented on New Poll Shows Highest Support for Gay Marriage Ever, Pope Comes Out for Civil Unions.
First things first: gay marriage should happen and they have every right to it. No dispute.

In Francis' defense though, he just got the job. It's a bit much to be mad at him for being the first one to admit what should have been admitted years ago. Yes, the Church should have stepped its game up decades ago, but there wasn't all that much Francis could do at the time. He was a bit busy dealing with the military takeovers in Argentina during the AIDS crisis here. Let's not all dump blame for the Church's failings on the first guy to start fixing it.
Sep 24, 2013 argentinagal commented on Savage Love.
I can sympathize with part of LOFD's issues. My last partner was not as intellectual as I am, and it caused problems in our relationship. He was a sweet, kind, and caring man, but it could not be ignored that we had different interests based on our intellectual levels. I would advise making intellectual compatibility a priority, since it seems to affect LOFD's ability to connect with potential partners, but don't worry about the rest. Socioeconomic status in the past or present are not reliable indicators of a person's intellect or interests. As for wanting to settle down? Dan is spot on; older men are going to be more settled than 20 year olds.
Apr 4, 2013 argentinagal commented on Savage Love.
@89. Feeling a little bitter, are we? Most people don't pull that kind of thing. In the case of the girl who wrote in, she just seems to want to enjoy a relationship with an intelligent, mature man. I can relate. Many colleges only prohibit prof/student relationships if the professor is currently involved with their grades, exactly to prevent the porn-movie scenario of the dumb-but-hot student and professor.
Nov 27, 2012 argentinagal commented on Savage Love.
crap. Now I double posted.
Nov 27, 2012 argentinagal commented on Savage Love.
My partner already had a collection of toys when we got together, and I really appreciated it. I would never have known what to buy on my own, and I'm broke, so good quality gear would have been out of the question. As long as everything was kept clean and in good condition, I saw no reason to be anything but practical. For me, more personal items, like lingerie, should probably be kept for one person. Symbols of the relationship should also be kept personal.
Nov 27, 2012 argentinagal joined My Stranger Face
Nov 27, 2012 argentinagal joined My Stranger Face
Nov 27, 2012 argentinagal commented on Savage Love.
My partner had a lot of gear from before we met and I was glad about it. He's a lot more experienced than I am, and I wouldn't have known what was good to get. (I'm also broke, so good quality items would have been out of the question.) Already having the equipment was really useful and practical. I would get rid of penetrative toys though, and clean anything that might have gotten fluids on it.

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