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Jan 9, 2013 foodmart commented on You're a Sex Addict, I'm a Sex Addict, We're All Sex Addicts.
Technically, we do all have to be sex addicts. Upon orgasm, we receive an release of endorphins, which is what we actually want from sex, and the desires to cuddle or be near someone afterwards, even for men the desire to go to sleep, is also the result of chemicals. That said, perhaps clinicians are just tripping over the minutia of terms. It may be impossible to become addicted to sex like one can become addicted to alcohol, but there's no doubt your brain can program itself to get used to those endorphins, and if a person already has issues that inhibit dopamine regulation or cause deficiency, or suffers of compulsive behavior, sex can become a devastating consequence in a person's life.

My personal opinion is that therapists will continue to inch closer towards acceptance of some type of sex addiction. After all, addiction--as I stated above with endorphins--is a natural part of existence. Not only would most people find themselves to be sex addicts when taking a test, most people would find out they're alcoholics or drugs addicts (even if they are not). These tests are just a tool to help understand what is happening, and to assist in a treatment plan, but they are not the end all, final say on the subject.

What makes addiction bad is when it's destroying a person's life. Addiction can be chemical, habitual, or behavioral (enjoying the first drag off a cigarette, the joy of bringing a glass of whiskey to your lips), and within that context, compulsive sexuality does have a home. Simply dismissing it as a lack of will power is what most people who are suffering from mental illness or addiction encounter frequently. If they have such a lack of will power, why do these people have jobs? Why do they get graduate degrees from school? Why do they make their mortgage and car payments? Why do they have children whom they love? If they come to you insisting there is a problem, and it's different from every other aspect in their life, why can they not be right? Simply because you don't have the answer to fix them does not mean there is no answer, or that the all powerful will power is the fix.
Nov 29, 2012 foodmart commented on What Does a Good Girl Do?.
I think it's just pointless Internet mockery and absurdity. It seems to me that the meme is very much like the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Both are mocking traditional notions of femininity and assigning false personas to their practice. One meme reinforces the notion by using a Stepford Wife character, the other uses a potential psychopath, but both are poking fun at women who behave this way, and neither is encouraging it (in fact, it's only funny because it's absurd that a woman would behave this way, not because this is how she should behave).

Also, it's dangerous to arm-chair diagnose these memes. They are created almost spontaneously in the net, what makes them catch on is illogical and hard to predict. Did the meme get named GoodGirlGina as an expression of misogyny, or if someone thought it might catch on better being associated with GoodGuyGreg? When people jump on board and "copy" the behavior, are they expressing misogyny, or are they are mocking society's values? The issue when you start taking the directionless actions of thousands or millions of individuals and compartmentalizing them (as if they intended to behave as a single actor) is that you introduce heavy amounts of bias. Certainly some of the manifestations of this meme are created by sexists, but some parts of everything are created by sexists, and racists, and ageists. Simply recognizing this does not actually mean anything, nor does it mean that you've established any validity to your claims, as these things are present in all aspects of the human condition.

If you dislike the meme, you dislike it, that's your right and not everything is funny to everybody, but it's self-love and vanity that convinces you its suppression is part of some greater battle, or some higher aim.
Nov 28, 2012 foodmart joined My Stranger Face
Nov 28, 2012 foodmart joined My Stranger Face
Nov 28, 2012 foodmart commented on Attorney Releases Dash-Cam Video Showing His Client Being Violently Arrested By SPD Officers.
From the start, the officer was way too aggressive. He didn't establish a sense of calm or authority over the situation; instead, he's pacing without direction, shouting semi-coherently, and generally acting like being an on-duty police office doesn't merit a certain tact in dealing with citizens, even one whom you suspect is disrespecting you.

The amazing thing is the officer behaved this way knowing he was on video tape. Who knows what could have happened off camera.