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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.

Nov 23 Eric Arrr commented on There's a Rumor Floating Around the Internet About an Upcoming White Power Rally in Ballard. We're Checking It Out..
My money is on the Stormfront post being an attempt to troll the skinheads by sending them to a non-existent event. The language of the post feels too on-the-nose, like a work of satire that's totally credible and totally ridiculous at the same time. Like a Yes Men prank directed at the skinheads.
Nov 13 Eric Arrr commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
Apropos of nothing, shit, that's where I saw Amon Tobin when I was over there. It's a small, dark, cramped room.
Nov 2 Eric Arrr commented on The Morning News: Fire on Lake Union, Wettest Halloween on Record, Snowstorm in the Mountains.
Holy crap, that's a sweet Subaru Brat parked in front of 95 Slide.
Oct 23 Eric Arrr commented on A Short, Really Depressing Documentary About the Housing Crisis in the Bay Area (and How It's Affecting Seattle).
This recent post by Charles totally nails the nature of this new housing bubble.

The world is utterly awash in capital, restlessly in search of a return. Whenever something new shows the promise of safe, profitable returns, a shortage of that something soon follows.

During Housing Bubble 1.0 (2004-2008), that something was not actually housing, it was borrowers. As the global capital supply flooded into the mortgage industry, new borrowers were deployed en masse, a hopeful corps of the financially insecure, then students and retirees, then bums, and finally just figments of bankers' imaginations, mere ink on pages with just enough life breathed into them that a loan could issue.

This new Housing Bubble 2.0 is different. This time, the global capital supply is bypassing mortgages, and looking straight to the properties themselves for those great returns.

Pity the yuppie who buys into this bubble. When this bubble finally exhausts the supply of affluent homebuyers, it too will burst, and it's the techies, who just happen to be the last holdout group of Americans who can still (barely) afford to buy homes in cities with jobs, who will be bankrupted when the bubble finally bursts.
Oct 21 Eric Arrr commented on The Bertha Landes Approach to Seattle Police Reform: Fire the Bastards.
SPD leadership is glad to embrace the upside of reform: more budget! more process! more personnel! But the downside of reform, the part where you proactively identify and terminate the liars and the rights violators? Not so much...
Oct 12 Eric Arrr commented on Jonathan Franzen Isn't a Regular Rich Person, He's a Cool Rich Person.
Last week's review, written in federal prison by Barrett Brown, of Franzen's Purity is seriously, totally hilarious:…
Oct 8 Eric Arrr commented on Seattle Police Chief: Officer Who Pepper Sprayed Jesse Hagopian Is "Stellar," Was "Let Down" by Commanders.
"Delafuente grew emotional and apologized during a closed-door hearing with the disciplinary panel;"

I don't think I have ever heard before of a police officer admitting fault while they are a defendant in pending litigation that arose from their actions. Not around here, at least. If this is true, it sets her apart from her peers in a big way.
Oct 5 Eric Arrr commented on Apparently Taking Advantage of Loophole, Seattle Chief Lessened Discipline for Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Jesse Hagopian.

In defense of Burgess, his "strong and appropriate" signal comment was about the firing of Whitlatch, not about Delafuente being reprimanded.
Sep 24 Eric Arrr commented on Two Dead, Nine Critically Injured in Collision Beteween Bus and Ride the Ducks Vehicle on Aurora Bridge.
Regardless of any fault on the part of the Duck driver (-- or any other driver --) it is long past time to install a center divider on that bridge.
Sep 24 Eric Arrr commented on Walking Through Downtown Seattle's Temporary Security Zone Is Really Weird.

Guess what, you're on my turf. That peering point you're talking about, they call it May West -- really, as in metropolitan area exchange, west coast. It's been almost a decade since I ran a crew of professional hackers out of the 24th floor of that same tower, but that's a thing I did. It's also been 18 months since I was on the ground in Shenzhen with a burner laptop and a burner phone teaching a certain Chinese telecom firm the ropes of software & network security; that's also a thing I did. (And it was above-board, even! My Chinese work visa is still good; I'll gladly show it to you if they do another Slog Happy. :)

Anyway, one thing I can tell you is, if a nation state wants to compromise a core piece of internet routing infrastructure, they don't contrive a close-access site visit by a 60-person trade delegation to get the job done.