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4:31 PM yesterday MajordomoPicard commented on Guest Editorial: Why Voting for a Seattle Metropolitan Parks District Means Losing Citizen Oversight.
This is such a silly argument. "Don't allow elected officials to make decisions!" That's the way a democracy works. It's really just window dressing for the real issue, which is that those elected representatives would be able to raise taxes to pay for shit. They're accountable in an election. Duh. Like the Founding Fathers intended and all that.

Then there's the straight up LIE from the Against campaign's mailer that "your property taxes would increase by 20%!" I'm sick of people who want shit (they SAY they're for the parks...) but don't want to pay for it. Unless they're lying about being for the parks, too. Which they probably are.
Jul 24 MajordomoPicard commented on Report: Arizona Inmate "Gasping" For Breath During Two-Hour-Long Execution.
@19 you make it very easy not to take your "argument" seriously. Emotional appeals and hostile outbursts do not a valid point make. I'm very sorry that happened to you. Howling for vengeance accomplishes nothing, though, no matter what sort of pleasure you think you'd derive from it. Get help to overcome your anger issues and whatever trauma remain from your horrible experience. The law has to be cool, methodical, and unemotional in its response because people generally aren't.
Jul 23 MajordomoPicard commented on Report: Arizona Inmate "Gasping" For Breath During Two-Hour-Long Execution.
@7 Keep the bloodlust flowing. Meanwhile, the rest of us will remember that the way we treat our very worst is a good indicator of what separates us from them in the first place. You... not so much.
Jul 19 MajordomoPicard commented on The Best of Slog: Chopp Vs. Spear, Holcomb Vs. Sawant, and What To Do When You Find a Meth Head Under Your Bed.
"Actually coming to a Ballet near you:" are they going to dance about saving the buses?
Jul 11 MajordomoPicard commented on "You Can Tell He’s Lying, His Lips Are Moving!".
@16@17 when you say "we" you are intentionally glossing over the fact that it means "we the people," who are the ones suffering here, you craven apologist.
Jul 8 MajordomoPicard commented on BBC Officially Has No Time for Science Skeptics.
@24 I said "GMOs," not "Monsanto." I know it's easy to conflate the two. Kinda like "weather" and "climate." The key is to listen to the scientific consensus regardless of one's world view. That can be very hard to do because we don't like having our positions and preconceptions challenged; then again, that's the whole *point* of science.
Jul 7 MajordomoPicard commented on BBC Officially Has No Time for Science Skeptics.
> but we all could be a lot less histrionic and a lot more thoughtful in our coverage of scientific issues.

Including GMOs, right?
Jun 12 MajordomoPicard commented on Neil Gaiman Is "Obviously Pissed at Amazon".
A good writer like Gaiman can analyze a complex situation and express himself in a nuanced, measured fashion. I hope you're taking notes Paul.
Jun 11 MajordomoPicard commented on International Franchise Association Files Their Lawsuit Against Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage.
@37 Mmmm... Yes, talk adult to me some more. *Condescend* to me, baby! You big hunk o' Shoreline man meat, you.
Jun 10 MajordomoPicard commented on Shots Fired, One Person Dead at High School Outside Portland.
@7 and we'll keep discussing this shit until something changes! I'm sorry you were inconvenienced by seeing this play out again today. It's gonna keep coming up, no matter how hard you wish it wouldn't.

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