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Feb 16 MajordomoPicard commented on Rachel Maddow: Something's Up Between Jill Stein & Putin.
Here's a question, Dan: how much better-positioned for 2018 and 2020 would we be if Democratic party insiders and their keenest supporters -- like you -- did some serious soul-searching about why we shit the bed so hard in 2016, instead of dwelling on purely unimportant shit like your hate-on for Jill the Pill? After 2012 the GOP at least had the good sense to commission a report about how they fucked up. Meanwhile, we're still talking about Bernie and the Green Party, because apparently the left has become allergic to winning elections.
Dec 13, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on The Typo that Killed America.
Goddammit, no. There are tons of reasons why Secretary Clinton lost. This is probably #1,138 in a prioritized list of them all. Way higher up there are her years of baggage, the mistakes her campaign made in the endgame, and the Democrats' inability to sell their message beyond their voting base. Wasting time on bullshit like this — instead of looking hard in the fucking mirror — is going to cost us 2018, 2020, and beyond. @2 has it exactly right.
Dec 8, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on The Morning News: Eastern Washington Wants to Become Its Own State, Snow Is Expected Today.
I think secession is a stupid idea and a distraction from Trump-inspired, "style"-over-substance morons. But it would give me a little schadenfreude in one regard. I read elsewhere that the denizens of a nascent Liberty would be facing a potential $1 billion dollar budget deficit (whereas, true blue Washingtonians would be the beneficiaries of a same-sized budget windfall). It be would be interesting to watch them struggle with the idea that they would immediately have to consider raising their own taxes to keep their precious roads and highways from crumbling. This joy would be of the shameful variety because there would be a lot of innocent folk caught up in the crossfire: children, women, minorities, and dryside voters who reject the "death before ever raising taxes" idiot ideology.
Dec 6, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on Recount Update: Jill Stein's Quixotic Battle For Democracy Continues Apace and Yeah, She Still Wants Your Money.
Ahh, the Tweeter-in-Chief supporters' version of logical consistency: while your margin of victory has gone down by tens of thousands in Pennsylvania, you crow about tens of... ones netted in Wisconsin. Only 0.00156% of the way there!
Dec 2, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on Trump Supporters Panic; File Lawsuit to Stop Recount.
@1, @2 You're supposed to do a Mic Drop after your big epic speech, not before!
Nov 23, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on Why Not Read The Wind in the Willows and Make Thanksgiving Day Even More Miserable.
Don't forget the chapter where they start tripping balls so hard that they run into a faun who is God of the Morning or some shit and it's such a mindfuck that Pink Floyd decides to name an album after it.
Nov 22, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on Guest Editorial: Sawant’s Response to Mudede’s “Brazenly Dishonest” Argument About Anti-Trump Protests.
@5 it's not a very convincing argumentum ad populum when the position you're railing against actually had more popular support.
Nov 15, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on "Awash in False Conspiracy Theories and Petulant Immaturity, Liberals Put Trump in the White House".
Oh Frizzelle-Bear, it's good, almost reassuring, to know you and your ilk are firmly in the "didn't learn a goddamned thing" camp following the election. Never change (not that you are even capable of it). If the DNC proceeds in the same direction that's currently making you feel so good and also doesn't learn a goddamned thing, I look forward to your milking of the third-party and Bernie-or-Busters well into 2018, 2020, and beyond!
Nov 11, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on The Morning News: The Democratic Party Must Change or Die.
@28 It sure can be encouraging standing for nothing when the wind is blowing your way, huh?
Nov 3, 2016 MajordomoPicard commented on Asperatus Clouds Come to Seattle.
I'm glad you cleared that up Charles; I was worried you had forgotten my boy Cliffy this morning.