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Nov 5, 2011 impulse nine commented on "...and then he called me a hipster piss-ant".
I'd like to give a shout out to the quite-reasonable cop here who took a good look at what was going on and made life easier for pretty much all businesses the jerk had harassed.
Sep 19, 2011 impulse nine commented on Concerned Women for America Nostalgic for the Hairy Bushes and Huge Mustaches of Yesterday's Pornography.
And here I thought that the .xxx domain was going to make it MUCH easier for parents to block thousands of porn sites from their kids' computers by blocking *.xxx.

It's always struck me as a tremendously pro-parenting, conservative thing to do. And honestly, is .xxx any worse than was (it used to be a porn site)?

This was big news in 1995, just like all the rest of their windmills.
Feb 23, 2011 impulse nine commented on Outing "Lurleen".
Gotta be honest: I don't care WHAT she deleted. It's her own damn blog. Freaking out because someone didn't want you in their sandbox is childish and reinforces every negative trans stereotype.

What a disgrace.
Feb 1, 2011 impulse nine commented on Get You Laid or Sex Blockade?.
I admit freely that while the third option would not happen, I selected it because it amused me greatly.
Jan 11, 2011 impulse nine commented on Sneak Preview of the Cover of The Stranger This Week, Created by Dan Savage and Aaron Huffman.
If you post a high-res image, I will print it and put it with the other memorials at Giffords' office here in Tucson.
Sep 15, 2009 impulse nine commented on The Gathering Shit Storm.
Mission Accomplished.
Sep 1, 2009 impulse nine commented on Talking Them Into Submission.
WANT. VIDEO. It needs to be put on every news show, if it really went down like this.
May 18, 2009 impulse nine commented on Fierce Urgency Of Whenever Watch.
@17 PC:

Oh I'm not happy about the tribunals. Not at all. But that's a different battle. We're talking about DOMA and DADT here, and those battles are being won without him giving the far-right a huge boost. Besides, this has to happen in Congress, and we've gotta wait until enough states pass these laws to get the political cover and momentum.

Which is why I think he's smart for not pushing it.

The tribunals, the health care single-payer thing, the photos: I'm not happy about.
May 18, 2009 impulse nine commented on Fierce Urgency Of Whenever Watch.
@13 Good Grief:

I think we might agree on some things, but describing someone as a 3-year-old while calling them names should've set off your Irony Alert.
May 18, 2009 impulse nine commented on Fierce Urgency Of Whenever Watch.
I still say that while the pressure needs to be placed, the absolute WORST thing that the President could do to kill the momentum that has brought one state a month to recognize same-sex marriage would be to act to repeal DOMA.

It would be an incredible shot in the arm for the entire religious right wing to see Obama on national TV announcing that. And poor Gibbs is trying his best to keep the cards close to the chest.

Keep up the pressure, by all means, but remember how often Obama has been proven right in his long-term strategies so far. I mean, his maneuvering has so far felled the Clinton ivory tower, gotten Cheney to speak publicly and damn himself, gotten the RNC to implode, and has Republicans giving Pelosi political cover for a Truth Commission (and even gaining support for said Commission among Republicans). Oh, and that whole one state per month rate of recognition of same sex marriage thing.

But you know, surely that's all a coincidence.

The point is that tons of progress is being made WITHOUT him having to directly confront the opposition. At the rate things are going, he and Congress will have more than enough political cover to do it soon. When he has that, he'll tell the spineless Dems in Congress to repeal DOMA and DADT the right way - through Congressional legislation.

And he'll be able to (truthfully) say it was the will of the majority.

But that only happens if he keeps his mouth shut about it for another 8 months or so.