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Jul 21 Jared Bascomb commented on Figs: Masculine, Feminine, or Transcendent?.
Obviously no one here has seen Women in Love, adapted for the screen by Larry Kramer from DH Lawrence's novel, starring the incomparable Glenda Jackson (who won the Oscar for it).
In one scene, Alan Bates describes - and director Ken Russell shows - the proper way to eat a fig.
As a bonus, there's the sweaty nude wrestling scene with Bates and a young, non-bloated Oliver Reed. Woof!
Jul 21 Jared Bascomb commented on Staff at Iowa Hotel Call Cops on Trans Women for Crime of Being Trans Women.
OT, but I was wondering why I haven't seen a single comment from SB since the SCOTUS decision. Now I guess I know -- the comments are being pulled.
But rest assured, good readers, the troll will be back. Loveschild vanished right before SB appeared, so I'm just waiting for the troll's next incarnation.
Jul 7 Jared Bascomb commented on Zach Anderson Is Not a Fiend.
I want a public registry to show all the firearms owners live in my neighborhood, including the numbers and types of arms they have and whether they are concealed-carry.
I also want to be notified when someone within 300 yards of my residence applies for a firearm permit, the way the state has to notify anyone within 300 yards of a business applying for a liquor license.
I'm far more likely to be killed by a stray bullet than be assaulted or accosted by a weenie-wagger. And yes, the odds of *any* of those are minuscule. And I *have* seen more peens than guns in my neighborhood. Just making a point.
Jul 7 Jared Bascomb commented on Hey, Seattle Times: It's Not True that Being Naked in Public Is Illegal.
I sure hope theatre "critic" Prudie McPrude-Prude doesn't go to a production of "Take Me Out."
It had full-frontal when I saw it at the Old Globe in San Diego ten years ago, and nobody walked out. (Yes, Frizzelle, in SoCal.) Strangely, there were a lot of lesbians in the audience . . .
May 20 Jared Bascomb commented on Los Angeles Is Raising Its Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour.
@ Doug @8 & 15 Yeah, I was looking at that photo and trying to figure out what part of LA it was, because it didn't look like any part of the LA I know.
This sort of photo trickery really improves the whole point of the post /sarcasm/
May 20 Jared Bascomb commented on Los Angeles Is Raising Its Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour.
@14 And LA's light rail/subway/commuter rail system far exceeds anything the PacNW.
It's not a good or extensive as it needs to be - still not up there with NY or London - but they're working on it.
May 19 Jared Bascomb commented on Savage Love.
I'm a gay guy, pretty much a bottom. I did a lot of stuff with my butt when I was young, but never at age 5 - more like when I was in my teens.
Something's really wrong here.
May 9 Jared Bascomb commented on What Is It Like Eating at Seattle's Most Exclusive Restaurant?.
I don't care how good a place is - if I have to wear a suit or sports coat, I'm not going there. (I balk at wearing a tie, too.) That shit is fucking uncomfortable for dining. Women get away with being practically topless, but us guys have to put ourselves in straitjackets to "fine dine".
It's why I'll never do a big formal cruise.
Apr 1 Jared Bascomb commented on I Love TV.
Coming soon on a TV screen near you: Kirk Cameron's "Saving Easter"!
In which he explains the "Christian" origins of eggs and egg hunts and egg rolls (not the Asian kind), bunnies, duckies and chickies, Peeps, and ham.
Actually, the last one makes a bit of sense from his warped religious view: Once the Jewish Jesus died and was resurrected, he was no longer a Jew and . . . we can eat ham! In celebration! Praise Jesus!
Mar 25 Jared Bascomb commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: You've Got Hate Mail.
Is Thug Life 2 @23 a new persona for SB? No one but SB refers to Dan as "Danny".

And I still think that SB is a different incarnation of our former pal, Loveschild. Strange how s/he disappeared right around the time SB inflicted himself upon us, and hasn't been heard from again.

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