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Shut up hippie.

11:58 AM yesterday snacktruck commented on Remembering Chris Cornell When He Was on the Brink of Soundgarden Dropping 1991's Badmotorfinger.
@10, "slightly out of tune metal" - oops, yeah, you were wonder it took you so long to see the majestic 'Garden. As for Seattle being shitty, I was living here for 4 years already and the most shitty things I encountered were the Seattle natives telling me how fucked everything was due to gentrification and neighborhoods like the CD were being ruined by California folks moving here like myself. I am so glad things have changed! RIP CC!
Apr 6 snacktruck commented on Food News: Arthur's Opens in Admiral Junction while Salt and Straw To Open in Capitol Hill, Norovirus Outbreak in Seattle.
I heard for years that Salt and Straw was phenomenal, some of thee best ice cream ever and then I tried it...OH IT IS! Molly Moon, Full Tilt, Bluebird, - be prepared to up your game. I love you guys and will continue to go to all my local places yet I had to give Salty Straw a nod.
Feb 27 snacktruck commented on Holy Shit, What Just Happened at the Oscars?.
Oscars - ugh. worthless and yes, even that opinion is old as fuck. @16, yes, that was a major dumbshit move to give it to Crash (so awful) but then again, American Beauty won also and that too stinks to high heaven.
Jan 10 snacktruck commented on Food News: Do You Want the Good News First, or the Bad News?.
@mistral - me thinks that many of these places are closing (big and small - new and old) are due to the public always wanting something new...and if not new, something consistent. Sure, Spaghetti Factory is consistent but one must put in the cost of real estate/rentals and voila, you have a recipe for closure. Agreed, menus are shrinking (raw material costs) and plates are getting smaller so it sounds like restaurant owners (am I directing this to one now...?) need to be on their A-GAME 24/7.
Nov 28, 2016 snacktruck commented on Food News: All of Your Old Favorites Are Slowly Disappearing But at Least You Can Comfort Yourself with Dumplings and Vegan Ice Cream.
I remember hearing a 80+ year old man I befriended while working at Frederick and Nelson in the late 80s telling me that Seattle was ruined after the, that's WW2 in case you were wondering. He spoke of how beautiful and untouched it, let's ruin it and ruin it again and and again. I wish he was still around - he had a sense of humor like Will Rogers and would often pop off on Seattle "do-gooders" back then.
Oct 20, 2016 snacktruck commented on KEXP Goes Big With Its First Record Fair This Saturday.
Daybreak Records is not doing this event...Portland stores, really? Why did they not seek out Rat City Records or the awesome Beats and Boho's?
Oct 12, 2016 snacktruck commented on An Oral History of the First Year of The Stranger.
Wow, 25 years and congratulations Stranger! Now with sooooooooooooo many ads for weed...what would it be like without these? Good luck on the next 25.
Sep 29, 2016 snacktruck commented on Move, Bitch. Get Out the Way. My Final Philosophy.
Well wishes to you Mr. Mizell, you will be missed! I loved reading your stuff and know you will kill it in LA. Thanks for your contribution to our city...

@15, uh, nailed it. Larry Mizell is another great writer bouncing from the paper when removing all of the pot ads is reduced to a few pages of weak copy, Savage Love, Astrology and some music writers writing about their friends. In all fairness, this is the plight of print papers however I need to get rid of all of these side bar ads here on the Slog...tiresome.
Jul 28, 2016 snacktruck commented on New, Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Seattle Is the Most Hipster U.S. City of All.
Hipsters? Al "Jazzebo" Collins, Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg, Steve Allen, Robert Frank...etc. etc. must be rolling in their graves with the misuse of this word. Ok, not Robert Frank, he's still alive but enough of calling beardos drinking fancy beer and wearing flannels 'hipsters', I prefer lumbersexuals or even better, Portlander.
Jul 13, 2016 snacktruck commented on Meet Sonic Boom Records’ New Owner, Mike Pitts.
@1, geez, way to welcome him into retail...I for one am glad Sonic Boom is still around!! I never go to Boob Street yet Ballard has two new stores which have opened recently, Mezzanine on 20th and Market and Blue Bell on 52nd Street! Support your local record stores Cato!