Mar 17 Yo. commented on The Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Is Absolutely Fantastic. Go See It Tonight. Howard Ashman Lives..
When Fixie Frizzelle does coke at 10:25pm on a Thursday, this happens.
Jan 26 Yo. commented on We Survived Trump's Inauguration, Tear Gas, and Protests. Bring On the Next Four Years..
The piece is a great summary of the white millennial experience these days. It would be great to have someone who was alive in the days of Nixon or Reagan, and not the hyperbolic asshole Dan Savage, provide some actual perspective for these reporters or be asked to write. This feeling and situation are not normal, nor is it an outlier in America.
Jan 14 Yo. commented on Inauguration Week Resistance Events in Seattle to Fight Trump.
I have to admit that I didn't read a word of the article. At which event can I expect Ben "co-opt" Haggerty to show his celebrity-solidarity?
Jan 13 Yo. commented on About Trump's L.L. Bean Tweet.
Another fucking idiot Stranger White Millennial. Thanks for letting us all know about this LL Bean that we've probably never heard of. Complete with analysis of tweets from a comedian. A+ journalism!
Dec 21, 2016 Yo. commented on Fact Check: How Many Kids Are Being Held at the Juvenile Detention Center?.

If this post meets your apparently low standards for "actual journalism," well, then you have been fully absorbed into the unquestioning spew that the Stranger hacks up each day. Well past the jump, the article mentions that the entire narrative of the anti-center crowd is off-base, after rambling through numbers that don't address the actual issue. Here's the red meat: "the project budget is dedicated to a juvenile detention center that cuts the county’s juvenile detention bed count in half, while adding space for a King County Library site, a spiritual center, mental health services and an activity room dedicated to creative writing, yoga, improv performance training and mentoring programs. It’s also designed flexibly so that if the juvenile detention population continues to decline, more bed halls can be converted into non-detention program space."
Aug 19, 2016 Yo. commented on Department of Justice Will Stop Using Private Prisons; Immigration Agents Won't.
@ansel doesn't have a spoon fed source for this, but the federal system is a minuscule portion of beds anyway. But way to find an edgy angle! Tool.
Aug 17, 2016 Yo. commented on Why Is There a Surveillance Tower Outside CenturyLink Stadium?.
Fucking @ansel. Answer your own damn questions if you think you're a real, grown-up reporter.
Apr 19, 2016 Yo. commented on The City Has Finally Decided What to Do About Those Special Move-In Deals for Tech Workers.
Sniff test or no, if all the city is doing is looking at whether they can prove disparate impact in court, this is going nowhere. And making place of employment an illegal preference would piss off our overlords. So look forward to more of the status quo.
Mar 25, 2016 Yo. commented on I, Anonymous.
If you're 17-30, I Anonymous shows up with a shaming of those who pronounce a "K" at the beginning, and if you're 31 and older, it's a rant on predatory-listening, misinformed millennials with guilt complexes about their privilege.
Feb 11, 2016 Yo. commented on Liveslogging Bernie and Hillary's Thoroughly Polite PBS Dust-Up.
@17: World-weary millennials deserve to be processed and spoon-fed to Donald Trump as a twee and precious amuse-bouche.