Nov 23, 2011 hlr commented on Savage Love.
I really can't buy into the BS that there are "queer heterosexuals" unless by "queer heterosexual" you mean that they date a lot of gender queer individuals but prefer the gender of the person (not sex necessarily, mind you) to be the opposite of their own. What does "queer" actually mean then, if people who aren't actually homosexual, trans or genderqueer can identify as "queer?" Kate Bornstein really has opened up this larger and more important question of definition if she is going to so broadly define anyone and everyone as "queer." Is queer the new normal then?
Jan 5, 2011 hlr commented on Open Homosexual Dances With Little Boy....
Dan, that's your husband? He has got a HOT ASS, but you knew that. lol
Jan 3, 2011 hlr commented on Jamie Kilstein Is Funny.
I love Jamie Kilstein! I saw him perform at Lakeshore Theater in Chicago when it was still around, and he was fantastic!
Dec 18, 2010 hlr commented on "stop tearing terring ripping my posters down".
hmm I have no cluuue which bandmate he fucked.... what a loser that he needs to brag about such a ridiculous thing. That dude needs to get a life. I bet his band sucks.
Nov 6, 2010 hlr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Latter Gay Saint.
I am going to want an update on this! he has to write back and tell you what happens so you can tell all of us! =)
Sep 26, 2010 hlr commented on Pretty Young Women Dragging Mascots Around On Leashes.
Thanks for giving me a furry fetish, Dan.. geez. =P lol
Sep 9, 2010 hlr commented on SL Letters of the Day: My Tits Are Perfect—What's Wrong With My Game?.
Did anyone else pick up on the fact that he's probably stationed there in the military? He doesn't want to tell people about what he's up to, he's got a nice bod, and he said he's only got another year there... come on now..
Jul 13, 2010 hlr commented on Fat and Not Happy?.
I'm up for going with diet and exercise. =) Best life change I could've ever made.
Jul 7, 2010 hlr commented on Savage Love.
Actually... many animals practice sex purely for pleasure. Look at dolphins for instance. They're gay unless they're trying to procreate, and then they find temporary opposite sex partners for that purpose before returning to their same sex partner.

And while incestuous relationships doesn't always create deformed children, the chances of it happening are higher, as are the chances of them developing genetic disorders that may be recessive genes. Hasn't anyone heard of genetic diversity?
Jun 25, 2010 hlr commented on Dear Science.
Why don't you actually discuss the downside of male circumcision? As others have said, you practically endorse it, but don't give any actual reason as to why it's beneficial. Lower HIV rates? Why? Why is there that connection? I've heard that before, but is there actually conclusive evidence as to why that is? And what about the millions of botched circumcisions that cause painful erections for the entire life of the recipient?

Also, you say that 97% of women who have undergone FGC would want their daughters to undergo it, and you do touch on the idea that these women may not be educated, but you don't state WHY they would want their daughters to undergo it. Any sociologist (or just someone who has even read one article on the subject) would be able to tell you that the reason these women agree with it is because they believe it is the only way for their daughters to live a life in which they are accepted in the community and able to marry.

Seriously Jonathan, do a little more research before writing these things.