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Jul 8 mitten commented on Patty Murray and Senate Democrats Draft Bill to Override Hobby Lobby's Anti-Birth-Control Bullshit.
This is awesome! All the sane women legislators need to join forces on this and tear the supreme court a new one.
Jul 8 mitten commented on Frustrated By KUOW?.
I was wondering what happened to KUOW over the last year or so! I used to listen all the time and it is always national or international news now, or internet-ey style news, which I hate. What a shame. I'm a subscriber, but I hardly listen to it at all anymore.
Jun 27 mitten commented on Who Thought It Was a Good Idea to Wear Google Glass to a Stranger Endorsement Interview?.
seriously: What is he drinking and why is it in a spaghetti jar?
Jun 27 mitten commented on The Morning News: Iraqi Drones, A Dragged Raccoon, and the Welcome Dismissal of Jenny McCarthy.
oh thank you for posting that Billy Squier video—it seriously fills me with joy. The 80s! It's hard to believe they were even real.
Jun 8 mitten commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
Ages 17ish to 24ish are all about identity development and it's a messy time. I teach in a college, and 90% of my students are trying to figure existential lifeshit out—all while passing classes and figuring out what to do as a career. Some of them are more rational and polite about their ennui than others. The highly sensitive student who gave Dan shit is going through a major transitional stage, compounded by discovery of gender identification (or lack of). These students don't have a lot to go on and are just figuring out their way. Unfortunately, they are doing it in a very rude and antisocial way. But that's sometimes what we get with college students. They don't have enough life experience yet to understand that being aggressive and demanding doesn't equate with maturity and leadership.
Jun 6 mitten commented on Open Carry + Stand Your Ground = Perpetual Violence Machine.
As Sarah Silverman has noted, this is about the right for white guys to tote around semiautomatic weapons. Imagine the showdown if a group of black men walked into the same restaurant carrying machine guns.
May 28 mitten commented on Maya Angelou Made Me a Writer.
That is a truly wonderful memory to have and story to be able to tell about such a lovely person.
May 27 mitten commented on In Culture News: An Art Bombing, a Most Beautiful Piece of Music, (Not) Clearing Spinoza's Name, and Amazon's Customer Problem.
I love how this post calls Anna Hornaday a shithead for making a connection between frat-bro movies and misogyny, while the previous post cites a study that finds that "Rape culture is pervasive and persistent" in pop culture and linked to "lower intentions to adhere to decisions about sexual consent." Hm.

I don't agree 100% with Hornaday's offending paragraph (christ, it's one fucking paragraph in a long, interesting piece! That hardly makes her a "shithead" or an "attention-seeking hack," —at least you didn't call her an attention whore), but Rogen and Apatow's "not meeee!" tantrum is childish. Apatow movies represent shameful examples of women and embarrassing stereotypical male/female dynamic. So a woman called him out. How is that worse than calling out Maxim and Men's Health in the previous post?
May 20 mitten commented on The New York Times Weighs In on the Kudzu-Like Spread of Trigger Warnings.
Another disturbing thing about this trend (as illustrated in the NYT article) is that trigger warning requests are not necessarily coming from students who have actually experienced trauma. Seemingly well-meaning students are assuming that rape/violence survivors are not capable of ever again experiencing, hearing, or seeing so-called trigger images or words. This is harmful in itself and diminishes the experiences (including recovery) of victims of trauma.

Finally, where is the psychologist chiming in on this issue? I'm a college instructor, and if one expert in trauma tells me that trigger warnings actually help victim recovery, then I will start giving them. Otherwise, I will continue to respect the individual experience of every adult I teach, and let those who need special accommodations ask for them (something I already bring up and include on my syllabus on day 1).

My job as a teacher is to help students learn and think critically. Telling them how they should think *before* I share information is antithetical to my job.
May 20 mitten commented on The Most Fundamental Truth About Sex.
Ugh. My mother included the "for pleasure" part in the sex talk (it was the '70s). I have been trying to block out that conversation for the past 35 years.

That said, I'm glad I grew up with a more complete understanding of sex. What she didn't tell me is that sex is going to be awkward, fun, occasionally regrettable, messy, awesome, and a host of other things, no matter how little or how much you think know about it. But at least being informed and educated about facts offers choices; ignorance never does.

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