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slade Wasting time trying to find something that was there but now is gone along with my time.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Mitt Romney Tries to Make a Joke, Angers Small-Town Residents, Delights 7-Eleven.
what do you expect from a guy who ties dogs on the roof of his car? who is from Ted Nugents State of MI? and Was Dumb enough to run against Ted Kennedy? and who served Mormon missionaries in all places France?? France?? As in Mormons helping those poor poor French out? God that must have been tough? like all Repukelickins he cant help but shit where he eats. Massachusetts one term Governor who didnt even run for a second term? Is against even civil unions? who as Governor gave no pardons to nobody? including the request from a soldier serving in Iraq to be pardoned for a conviction at age 13 involving a BB gun. who is against abortion? who vetoed Minimum wage as Governor in his own state? Who on the day he announced he would not run for reelection, pulled out of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, spurring accusations that he switched his stance in order to gain support from industry groups for a presidential campaign.
Massachusetts Approvals
Approval in Nov. 2003 63% for 33% against
Approval in Nov. 2006 34% for 64% against

Who destroyed all the e-mails from the state government computers as they "did not know" that public records were to be preserved?

Dude he is another B-grade horror flick like Gingrich ?[
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on The Secret Service Talked to Ted "Poopy-Pants" Nugent This Afternoon.
I think Ted is the Hooker? Its that role play whip me beat me make Me be a good American stuff?
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Jay Inslee Has Already Lost (the Press).
Who's on Facebook and who's Face is on the book?…

"Jay... my hometown area is down in Grays Harbor Co.. When the unemployment figures are given, they only include those who are on unemployment, not those whose unemployment has run out or they didn't qualify for it, or they don't qualify for welfare (no children, too old - like me! - or not disabled enough). The TRUE figures for unemployment in the Grays Harbor area would run somewhere around 35% with NO ONE in Olympia or elsewhere saying a word about jobs for them or about the problem itself. People are selling houses for a small fraction of their value merely to survive. Many of these families have lived on The Harbor for generations with their livelihoods involved in fishing, forestry, logging, etc., all of which are NIL now. What will you do for Grays Harbor County, should you be elected??"
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Take Your Petitions and Shove 'Em.…

Catholic bishops' overwrought call for civil disobedience
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Jay Inslee Has Already Lost (the Press).
Mmmmm Kay Mr Sock?
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on The 99% Spring: What Do You Think?.
@24 I think will was calling Congress a "Illegal Super Majority" as it reflects "why" it did not pass.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Dick Clark.
Dick and Don are standing in front of the pearly gates when St Peter says "I can only let one of you in the Dance club" so I will ask you a question and the one who gets it right gets to enter heaven.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on The Nuge Calls Himself "a Black Jew at a Nazi-Klan Rally".
White Rich Trash is just so supposed to be in and stay and never leave California? Motor City has a crazy rich cracker problem and "thats" why the city has died more times then Ray-O-Vac battery's?

Oh! the Nixon-Reagan years! how good they were for Detroit MI.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Civil Rights Committee Discusses DOJ Report; Mayor Gabs About Gun Violence.
Civil rights made it hard for police to work effectively as the police were afraid of ???? What????

next page Police arrest wicked criminal organization and let the FBI tag along?

next page Mayor McGrim tells everyone that he will talk to everyone again and has not figured out why all the violence and criminals are common place but he will talk to the criminals and the violence and make it all better.

next page Lets listen to the Dept of Justice and Attorney General Rob Mckenna.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Police Recover Treasure Trove of Guns, Charge Six Local Men for Trafficking.
Im happy SPD let the FBI get coffee and run errands for them.
Chalk up another victory for SSSSSSSppppDDD! and Chef! Pppisss! DDzzzzzzz!