Sep 15, 2015 Kiznit commented on Reprimand for Seattle Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Teacher Jesse Hagopian.
This was an assault. If we functioned by rule of law, this "officer" would face prosecution.

@12 you seem nice
Aug 27, 2015 Kiznit commented on The More I Learn About Breast Milk, the More Amazed I Am.
I breastfed my kids, and I really regret it. It was a horrible experience. I was bullied into it. And all the evidence from studies of siblings with one breastfed and one formula fed baby to control for family differences indicate the benefits of breastfeeding are somewhere between unimportant and nonexistent. The amazing immune boost? It's about one less cold in the first year, not guaranteed prevention of cancer or other terrifying illness. I felt much more bonded to my baby gazing into it's eyes feeding it a bottle than staring at the top of its breastfeeding head in a sleep deprived, depressed, zombie stupor.
Apr 14, 2015 Kiznit commented on Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Highlights the Income Disparity Among Restaurant Staff.
This is how they defeated us - they turned us against each other. They managed to make the battle cooks vs. waiters over a few bucks one way or the other, instead of a battle of up vs down. They managed to make people without any kind of retirement benefits hate public employees for retiring without fearing poverty instead of hating the fuckers who set up a system designed to keep huge swaths of this country poor. I just want to live in a fucking civilization.
Jan 28, 2015 Kiznit commented on Video: Seattle Police Jail Elderly Military Veteran for "Walking in Seattle While Black".
@61 The video of this great police officer at work caused me to explain to my four-year-old son today that too many police are dangerous, hateful, disturbed people that can't be trusted, and that the freedom and lives of black people who have committed no crime are at risk every time they talk to police. So, yeah. Great work.
Nov 12, 2014 Kiznit commented on If You Didn't Vote, Why?.
Any race I cared about wasn't competitive. I don't feel qualified to vote on judicial races, so I don't. On this ballot, that left...nothing.
Sep 18, 2014 Kiznit commented on The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby Is a Long Film About White People Who Don’t Have a Story to Tell.
Have your baby die and tell me how mundane it is. Sometimes Charles seems like an ass, and sometimes he seems like a straight-up monster.

Those of us that have been through the death of a baby find the grief ALMOST as hard, universal, and compelling a subject as which side of the fucking escalator a person should stand on to ensure they don't go to hell.
Jul 1, 2014 Kiznit commented on The Kind of Paper Grocery Bag Safeway Offers Black People Is Not the Same as the Kind it Offers White People?.
I refuse to shop at the Safeway in the neighborhoods where I work and live because of the annoying, handle-less bags. Both neighborhoods are higher income and predominantly white.
Feb 4, 2014 Kiznit commented on Governor Inslee Calls for an Official "Moment of Loudness" for the Seahawks.
This. Shit. Will. Never. End.
Feb 1, 2014 Kiznit commented on Ignore the Fearmongering.
You guys, at first I was with you and was going to jump on @7 for suggesting that living on 30K a year is too good for those serve his food and should toil in poverty to learn a good lesson about motivation.

But wait! Now I see what he's really saying! He's saying on $30K a year, life is so good that nobody could possibly want or need more. @7 is suggesting we tax at 100% all income over 30K, because what is the point? How many diamond encrusted toilets can one waitress even fit in her mansion?

Thanks, @7. Your position may be unpopular, but it is so brave.
Dec 4, 2013 Kiznit commented on New Study Pegs Washington State Living Wage at $16.04 to $30.46 an Hour.
The childcare costs are similarly laughable. $250/month for childcare for two? Try multiplying that by at least ten. Conservatives love families, they just think parents should live in an economy that forces them to be away from their children 10-12 hours a day and unable to afford quality care for them.