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2:55 PM yesterday neo-realist commented on What Critics Are Saying About Twin Peaks: The Return.
The original Twin Peaks struck me as a slightly eccentric soap opera, understanding that it could have gotten much more eccentric had it not been on a big network. Haven't seen the return on showtime, but from what I'm reading about it, it comes nowhere near the sick badassery of Eraserhead and Blue Velvet---Frank "don't you look at me" while wearing that air mask:).
10:17 AM yesterday neo-realist commented on Why Is Michael Bennett Boycotting the Seattle Times? (Or: The Seattle Times Sports Section Is Usually Great, So Why the Immature Hit Piece?).
Spike, I would have to say that the ST sports section is good w/ the exception of Geoff Baker's anti-SODO Arena shilling for the Blethen family. The privately financed NHL/NBA project with better acreage and transportation options has been knocked down left and right in favor of a Key Arena rebuild that will not only be partially financed via a bond issue, but will be one of the smallest buildings in the NHL/NBA and has serious transportation problems, cough cough, Mercer mess on steroids.
May 15 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: New Parking Lot in Pike Place Market to Escalate Seattle's Traffic Woes, KOMO Owned By Rightwing Nutters.
@16, the problem around here is that public transportation, particularly outside of Seattle proper, is rather spotty on the weekends. That's probably why the Renton person who was interviewed drove into pike place market. In general, public transportation for tourists in Seattle compared to world class cities like London, Paris, and NYC, where public transportation is abundant, is bush league, which explains the need for more people to drive.
May 12 neo-realist commented on Jenny Durkan Launches Cookie-Cutter Mayoral Campaign.
@18, Hockey is exciting and gonzo--speed, skill, finesse, much more so than the game of 15-20 years ago. The dour culture around here could use it. Most major cities have 3 or 4 major sports; its not all that unusual.

Even if we didn't add those sports, its not like Seattle, for all its PR about being progressive, will come to grips with urban problems it has that the cities with the extra sports have, e.g., expensive housing, homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, racism, underfunded public schools, income inequality.
May 12 neo-realist commented on Jenny Durkan Launches Cookie-Cutter Mayoral Campaign.
@12,FWIW, McGinn also supports ST3 and increased density, which offends the nimbys.

But will Jenny offend those single family home owning snowflakes north of the ship canal bridge and bring some density to those folks.
May 12 neo-realist commented on Jenny Durkan Launches Cookie-Cutter Mayoral Campaign.
Rather the teams won't make enough to stay at the Key under the potential revenue splits between the city, the developer, and the team or teams.
May 12 neo-realist commented on Jenny Durkan Launches Cookie-Cutter Mayoral Campaign.
Jenny, keep in mind that SODO Arena, with its acreage and transportation options, stands the best chance of getting the NHL and the Sonics here rather than a Key Arena building that splits revenues in such a way that the teams to make enough to make it worthwhile to go to or stay there.
May 11 neo-realist commented on Who Is Mayoral Candidate Jenny Durkan?.
@2, Yes, I believe the WA state Democratic Party wanted an electable Seattle Mayoral candidate who could play nice with the plutocrat power, as well as the political elites in KC and Olympia, and could prevent people like McGinn and Oliver, who could govern in an antagonistic manner toward those interests, from getting voted in.
May 11 neo-realist commented on Guest Editorial: Why Scarecrow Video Is a Seattle Icon.
Does Scarecrow do mailing with easy return envelopes like Netflix? If not, can't do cause I don't live or work in the vicinity of the U District.

While I think it is a good place to rent film if one lives close by, there are other competitive streaming services that cater to similar tastes in indie, rare, b-exploitation, and foreign film, e.g., Fandor.

And shouldn't district councilperson Herbold be taking care of the people's business in her own neck of the woods--West Seattle?
May 9 neo-realist commented on Bob Hasegawa Is Running for Mayor.
@12, good point about Hasegawa. Hasegawa is also opposed to the privately financed SODO arena project for the NHL/NBA on the bogus grounds that it hurts port jobs.

How can a good lefty oppose the aims of a public agency attempting to fund and increase right of way public transportation?????

2 to 1 he gets the Seattle Times endorsement.