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Sep 20 neo-realist commented on Watch Senator Elizabeth Warren's Splendid Takedown of "Gutless" Wells Fargo Executive.
Liz, Obama doesn't jail the donors.

The CEO was probably asked to go through the kabuki theater dressing down to give the impression that the administration is doing something about corporate malfeasance, i.e., do us a solid for all the interference run for you before you go off into the sunset with your "golden parachute.
Sep 20 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: #BlockTheBunker Activists Shut Down City Council Meeting, Demand No New Cops or Jails.
A confluence of provocateurs and idiots, with the former egging on the latter.
Sep 16 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: Teachers Cancel Black Lives Matter Event After Threat, Garfield Football Team to Kneel During the National Anthem.
@2,@16, I think the event should have happened with heavy police protection; however, I believe the district feared angry parents and lawsuits if kids were shot or blown to pieces.
Sep 15 neo-realist commented on If You Live in Seattle and Make Less than $80,000 a Year, You're Now in the Minority.
It's a shame that State, regional, and city government has not done enough to diversify the economy beyond bits, bytes, and airplanes for people that are not plugged into those areas through education, skills, or connections. There is a presumption among the political elites that enough of the wealth from those areas will provide enough stimulus to other sectors and other pocketbooks from a broad swath of the population but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Maybe the lords of industry like Gates, instead of spending time and money on third world disease, tax breaks from Olympia, and charter schools--primarily benefiting elite family kids, should spend some noblesse oblige dollars within the Puget sound region or the state on a Manhattan Project of sorts to provide the education and skills necessary to break into the new information economy.
Sep 14 neo-realist commented on Long Live the War on Cars: Regional Leaders Call for More Mass Transit as City Unveils Plans to Lower Speed Limits.
@20, I was being oh so snarky/ironic on the tech elite group proposals for car and road technology saving our transportation bacon.
Sep 14 neo-realist commented on Long Live the War on Cars: Regional Leaders Call for More Mass Transit as City Unveils Plans to Lower Speed Limits.
@11, Holding out for a better legacy/better plan is too risky with our half a**ed politics. Looking for the better plan or the best plan puts us at risk of pushing the timeline out from 15-20 years to at least 30. Given the population increases, we need to lay some rail as quickly as possible---once we get ST3 set, we can find ways to add on or speed the process even further.

Hey, maybe Gregoire's transportation think tank solutions of self driving cars and smart corridors will save us from gridlock:/…
Sep 13 neo-realist commented on Get Drunk with Light Rail Supporters Tonight: The ST3 Kickoff Starts at 6 p.m..
@5, People in State government are working toward a more equitable system of taxation? Are those Olympia goobers getting serious about a state income tax????

@4, I think those automated vehicles will be primarily driven by public transit hating elites. The goobers with the exception of some in government won't be able to afford them.

Sep 12 neo-realist commented on Seahawks Protest Made Toothless By Need For Consensus.
@3, I think they were also accommodating their primarily white suburban fan base with the non controversial arm locking......don't want them to fall out of love w/ Richard, Russell and Earl:). Struck me as a very Seattle thing to do...quiet all the potentially angry people by muting the militancy of the act. But, absolutely, real change does start in the streets, and the home w/ some serious consciousness raising.

The police stations visits sound encouraging, but I'm afraid they will end up turning into mostly fan boy selfie opportunities for cops instead of serious zeitgeist change in perceptions of the POC they police.
Sep 9 neo-realist commented on Crude Anti-Obama Stickers Seen on Lockers During Tour of Police North Precinct.
Sackman---that "heroic" supervising officer that allowed the savage beating of an unarmed harmless Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes for merely questioning the arrest of a friend for throwing a cigarette butt on the street. Perfect choice for a precinct that has special accountability training facilities.
Sep 9 neo-realist commented on Spike Friedman Answers Your Burning Seahawks Questions Before the Season.
To answer the first question re the QB you would trade straight up for, I would, if I could, choose Winston. I'm not pro-rape, but Winston is an accused rapist, not a convicted one. He's also got the upside to become one of the better pure passers in the game and he's a better one than Newton--better field vision, better coverage reader, and good decision maker and younger w/ less mileage than some of the older quality passers mentioned. Winston is more of a pocket passer, so the Hawks better get their sh*t together in their pass blocking scheme and not expect him to bail their butts out with some Fran Tarkenton scramble when the blocking breaks down.