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3:38 PM neo-realist commented on Watch Federal Judge James Robart's Powerful Black Lives Matter Declaration.
From what I've seen of the arrogance of the Police Union over the past few decades, I believe the Judge will have to steamroll them, and whatever edicts he lays on them, he'll have to bring the full enforcement powers of the court upon them cause they will in all likelihood attempt to slip and slide to evade them like Pernell Whitaker in his prime.
Aug 10 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: Judge Throws Out Uber Lawsuit, Tony Ventrella Gets Back in the Race for Congress.
Reichert is also helped out by the fact that much of the male demographic in his district looks much like him----identity politics.
Aug 10 neo-realist commented on Paul Allen Announces Upstream, a Huge SXSW-Style Music Fest/Summit in Pioneer Square for May, 2017.
If it truly was a SXSW style festival, you would primarily have bands from all over the country and the world, not this parochial focus on NW artists. Hopefully there will be some edgy loud bands in the mix and not a bunch of indie pop wusses, bearded schmoes playing acoustic guitar, wood carvers, techie and new age grifters stinking of patchouli.
Aug 5 neo-realist commented on American Democracy Isn't Rigged, It's Just Not Very Good.
@7, I believe Rove was fine with Romney losing because he wanted the deck clear for a successful Jeb run in 2016 (wait, happened with that?) and he knew that Obama was a plutocrat tool who would mind his manners re the interests of the Bush family and the elites in general.
Aug 3 neo-realist commented on Seattle Beats Atlanta in Cars Per Household.
Expounding on @2 point and to answer Charles point/rhetorical question, I notice that many Seattle area household couples not only have two commuter cars, but also have the pickup truck with canopies/covers or an suv for camping/hiking/kayaking or for attaching a boat. It's not just the disposable income factor and the need in many cases to get to areas for work that are devoid of efficient public transportation, but the love of the outdoor activity that is a significant dynamic of much of the local bourgeois that differentiates us from ATL.
Aug 1 neo-realist commented on A Recap of Roadies (a.k.a. TV's Longest Hour), Episode 6: Longest Days.
I'm glad Megan issued a not so unexpected warning about this show. Crowe's writing on rock music is very Wonder Bread, and the fact that Roadies appears to have all the edge of an ABC afterschool special is very much in keeping with his oeuvre.
Jul 28 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: Obama Electrifies the DNC, Capitol Hill Man Arrested for Throwing Batarang.
Richard has got to pay better attention--sounds like he's conflating Gangster Rap with #BLM. #BLM has never advocated killing cops. That being said, it's good to hear that he gives a damn, unlike most of his teammates and most professional athletes. Hopefully he does more research on #BLM and makes much more informed and clear statements on that group and the broader non-violent movements against police brutality.
Jul 25 neo-realist commented on Jury Awards Millions in Damages to Cops Who Say Police Chief Retaliated Against Them.
@4, If I were Wingate, I'd sure as hell go for a jury trial---The obvious proof on video of the disrespect from the officer and the despicable treatment he received from the chain of command actually going as far as to charge him with a crime and detaining him in a jail cell. If Wingate couldn't win damages the way those cops won, then the politics and decency of this city are seriously in question.

But I'm a little younger. He may not have the energy to deal with a long drawn out process.
Jul 25 neo-realist commented on Jury Awards Millions in Damages to Cops Who Say Police Chief Retaliated Against Them.
So when is William Wingate going to get a nice 6 to 7 figure payday from a Seattle Jury or the city for the trauma and humiliation he received from getting arrested by an arguably racist SPD officer for walking in public with a golf club???
Jul 25 neo-realist commented on Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?.
@16, if you consider what @15 said, it's highly questionable that DWS was an effective leader of the DNC. I would attribute Obama's re-election to his own organization and Romney looking too obviously like a candidate who only gave a damn about the 1%. On the other hand, Howard Dean, with a solid 50 state strategy for electing democrats to congress, was a very effective DNC head and if the DNC can get their heads out of their neo-liberal buttcracks, maybe they'll find a new leader who will potentially be as effective as Dean was in recruiting and electing good populist democrats.