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Jan 18 neo-realist commented on Advice to Seattle Newcomers from Newcomers.
@5, Interesting point. While I don't believe the Stranger deliberately omitted poc, I don't believe Seattle is a top urban destination for most poc, particularly black people, which may account for a lack of recommendations. This may be because of a desire for most blacks to go to cities where there are more black people to engage in activities with, where there is a more diverse job market that they believe they'll get a fairer shake in, and where they won't stand out like sore thumbs from being the only black person in the office, or the club or the bus.
Jan 12 neo-realist commented on Major Sports-Arena Corporation Considering Constructing a World-Class Facility At KeyArena Site.
Edwards of AEG has said that he didn't think it was necessary to expand the footprint of the Key Arena to redevelop it? NHL and NBA won't consider coming if the footprint is not expanded, which would allow for a bigger arena, more amenities and more seating.

A Traffic mitigation plan is required from a potential developer and he doesn't have the foggiest notion of what to do about the transportation issues with the present Mercer quagmire with more companies, employees and cars to come to SLU, e.g., Google and Expedia.

SODO Arena beats a Key Arena Plan by the length of an entire country, but some politicians in City Hall are far too deep in the pockets of the Port of Seattle and other old Seattle power interests to pursue smart public and land use policy and support SODO Arena.
Jan 9 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: Is Dem Pramila Jayapal More Progressive Than Socialist Kshama Sawant?.
Lets cut the crap about Seattle liberalism. Geez, we failed to pass that millionaires tax a few years ago. We appear to be more libertarian rather than liberal. Or was the failure of the measure a fault of the suburbanites and the rural goobers?
Jan 6 neo-realist commented on The Only Washington Republican Who Voted on Gutting the Ethics Office Voted Yes.
Reichert represents what I suspect is a goober district. They keep sending him back every 6 years or so. Is it because most of the males in the district look like him (Identity Politics?)
Dec 16, 2016 neo-realist commented on Did "Identity Politics" Talk Sink Hillary's Campaign? (Short Answer "No").
@5, He did some of that white supremacy thing; However, that's been the GOP's bread and butter for the past 40 years, but arguably he was much more blatant. The crucial thing that Trump did to clench victory was to go into the battleground states and campaign much more intensely than Clinton did on a strong populist economic message criticizing the trade deals and promising to bring jobs back to and keep jobs in America.
Dec 13, 2016 neo-realist commented on After Meeting With Trump, Bill Gates Proves That He Can’t Be Trusted to Fight Climate Change.
@3, Yes Gates certainly is the ruthless "Great American Capitalist" who does Good Works through the B & M Gates foundation?---Backing the back door privatization of charter schools? Funding research into Third World disease; and no "charity begins at home" Like maybe funding a Manhattan Project to teach poor kids and adults in the Puget Sound how to code?

As long as a critical mass of IT people make serious bank working for Microsoft, Gates walks on water with the regional and city power structures and with many common folk.
Dec 13, 2016 neo-realist commented on Tim Burgess Will Not Seek Reelection Next Year.
Hopefully a sane councilperson who will fight for the interests of common Seattlites and support a street vacation to pave way for a private financed SODO Arena for the NHL and the NBA, assuming it doesn't come up for a vote before Burgess steps down.
Dec 7, 2016 neo-realist commented on Dan Savage's Open Letter to Paul Allen on Lidding I-5, Righting a Wrong, and Leaving a Legacy.
Instead of lidding I-5, lets build elevated light rail over it to move people into and through downtown as quickly as possible.
@6, The Patano plans aren't happening, an unfunded pipe dream. You should be supporting the privately financed SODO Arena project from Chris Hansen to bring the NHL, NBA and other big events to Seattle.
@7, No, the Cross-Bronx Expressway did not eliminate NYC gridlock, but the city has enough public transportation for one to choose not to deal with it and we should be building a lot more of it so we Seattle people can choose not to deal with gridlock too.
Dec 5, 2016 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: Housing Crisis Helped Cause Deadly Fire in Oakland, Studios Still Affordable in Tacoma, Video of Women March.
@5, Don't confuse the DNC with the left. The left as in the Sanders left of the Democratic Party wants to speak much more strongly to the economic interests of the 99%, including blue collar poors in the battleground states. The DNC, more like the neo-liberal democrats, would rather emphasize identity issues over economic ones because they don't want to drive away the big donors by stressing economic approaches for the 99%.
Dec 2, 2016 neo-realist commented on Just In Time For Trump, Jobs Are Back to Where They Were Before the Crash of 2008.
@12, some of those baby boomers close to retirement age after getting laid off during the crash probably had trouble getting back in the work force due to age discrimination, so they either prematurely retired or accepted part time or contract work.