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in the past hour neo-realist commented on Jury Awards Millions in Damages to Cops Who Say Police Chief Retaliated Against Them.
@4, If I were Wingate, I'd sure as hell go for a jury trial---The obvious proof on video of the disrespect from the officer and the despicable treatment he received from the chain of command actually going as far as to charge him with a crime and detaining him in a jail cell. If Wingate couldn't win damages the way those cops won, then the politics and decency of this city are seriously in question.

But I'm a little younger. He may not have the energy to deal with a long drawn out process.
in the past few hours neo-realist commented on Jury Awards Millions in Damages to Cops Who Say Police Chief Retaliated Against Them.
So when is William Wingate going to get a nice 6 to 7 figure payday from a Seattle Jury or the city for the trauma and humiliation he received from getting arrested by an arguably racist SPD officer for walking in public with a golf club???
2:18 PM neo-realist commented on Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?.
@16, if you consider what @15 said, it's highly questionable that DWS was an effective leader of the DNC. I would attribute Obama's re-election to his own organization and Romney looking too obviously like a candidate who only gave a damn about the 1%. On the other hand, Howard Dean, with a solid 50 state strategy for electing democrats to congress, was a very effective DNC head and if the DNC can get their heads out of their neo-liberal buttcracks, maybe they'll find a new leader who will potentially be as effective as Dean was in recruiting and electing good populist democrats.
Jul 18 neo-realist commented on The Morning News: A Diverse UW Freshman Class, Words from the Queen Protester, and Baton Rouge's Slain Police Officers.
@12, The News One News show on the News One Network has been terrific covering the police shootings.

And the Black Agenda Report (specifically Glen Ford) on the internets has provided insightful analysis of why the shootings are happening
Jul 14 neo-realist commented on Look At These Frighteningly Militarized Police in New York.
@8, Re the cops with the Uzis, that may be a product of NYC being on a much higher alert than other cities due to 9/11. I found that in visiting the city up to the mid 2000's, I would see cops armed with machine guns while stationed outside of office buildings and other areas where large numbers of people congregate. I remember going to a demonstration w/ speakers at city hall just a few years ago and having to go thru a bag search cop guard post just to get into the audience with the speakers in front of city hall.
Jul 8 neo-realist commented on What Might Help Is Decriminalizing Minor Offences That Increase Encounters Between Cops and Blacks.
@5, White people that declare possession of a firearm to cops aren't executed by cops. The Castile shooting was done out of racist exacerbated panic, pure and simple.
Jul 6 neo-realist commented on Hillary Clinton Won't Go to Jail, But Will the E-Mail Scandal Hurt Her Chances In November?.
Circumventing FISA w/ Warrantless Wiretapping did not bring about any indictments in the Bush-Cheney administration. Why should we expect anything different for possible high crimes from a democratic politician?
Jul 5 neo-realist commented on Kanye Fans Show Up on Capitol Hill to Watch "Famous," Get #ShoutYourAbortion Instead.
First off, I would question Seattle being a progressive city (moderate, yes, when it comes to race and foot dragging on building right of way public transportation.)

Secondly, if #SYA really wants to make an impact other than preaching to the choir in the blue cities, it should take its act on the road to TX, Kansas, Nebraska and other red states where the right to chose is rare and start raising consciousness.......Coathanger Riders? The RU4 Choice Crew?
Jun 30 neo-realist commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
@35, the $60,000 question is will the DNC keep this 50 state strategy going for the down ticket races beyond the Clinton campaign, or will she dissolve it the way Obama kicked Dean to the sideline after he got elected so that, in my opinion, the left couldn't leverage policy and upset the President's donors.
Jun 29 neo-realist commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
@1, It's being outnumbered and outgunned by a democratic majority and it leads into what @6 says which is I want a replacement for DWS as head of the DNC since the dems have losing seats hand over fist the last few election cycles under her (lack of) leadership. A new DNC head that will implement some sort of 50 state strategy to find and elect populist democrats to congress, e.g. Howard Dean, and get a majority back so that a democratic president can actually govern instead of making excuses that he/she can't do anything because of the republican majority. Or maybe, just maybe, a neoliberal democrat like HRC wants the present status quo because it gets her off the hook for implementing progressive policies and resisting bad ones like signing off on TPP.