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Jun 26 Voxpop commented on Queer Issue 2014: How to Make Sure We Don't Leave Trans People Behind.
@10 there are no such thing as transbians. It's a phrase coined by notorious anti-trans hate factory Cathy Brennan. She hates all trans women especially trans women who are lesbian identified and sees them as usurper's and infiltrators. She ironically subscribes to political lesbianism.
Jun 25 Voxpop commented on How to Stop the Stupid Debate About Taxpayer Dollars Funding "Sex Change" Surgeries.
The arguments about "this money should go elsewhere" and "what about people who just don't like how they look" show the deep ignorance the general public still had about both how insurance works and the realities of Gender dysphoria.
Jun 25 Voxpop commented on About the Word "Tranny".
I would think it's only a problem when used in media or marketing. Anyone should be able to self identify any way they wish. That being said places like drag race and public events don't seem like appropriate places for a word so many find hurtful given the lack of nuanced context the average person might have. I haven't seen anyone saying it's not ok to ask purple to call you the t word, but I have seen a number of complaints about it's use in media that I think have some serious merit.
Jun 25 Voxpop commented on Pride Week Victory: WA State Bans Exclusions for Transgender Health Coverage.
Oh comment thread trolls. You never cease to make me feel terrible about humanity. Especially you first guy posting about moobs... Especially you.
Jun 25 Voxpop commented on I Am the Best Feminist, for I Am Dating a Trans Woman.
This is hilarious and wonderful. You truly are... The Greatest Feminist!
Jun 25 Voxpop commented on Queer Issue 2014: How to Make Sure We Don't Leave Trans People Behind.
Trans issues and gay issues are inseperably wrapped up in one another because the discrimination the two groups face is ultimately from the same source. When a child is called "f@&&it" it's most often not because they expressed same sex attraction but rather because of perceived gender nonconformity. Though the battles are on different fields the war is being fought for the rights of all people to live truly to themselves. The t and the lgb belong together, they should allways be allies and work to better stand in solidarity with each other. A fight for one is a fight for all.
Jun 12 Voxpop commented on Heads Up, Trans Activists.
I love you dinosaur man.
Jun 12 Voxpop commented on Heads Up, Trans Activists.
@matt I am so beyond tired of hearing that asking our own LGBT community for respect is creating "eggshells" for people to walk on and exercising a "power to alienate powerful allies". This couldn't be more controlling of trans people and their expression if it was outright demanding we just shut up. Allies aren't allies when they write shit like this. We have plenty of allies that understand completely where we are coming from, they are willing to stand in solidarity with us instead of shitting on our (almost always unpaid/dangerous/incredibly difficult) work from their bully pulpits. Again, it's fine if an individual want's to identify in any way they choose, but Dan can't even get on board with Heklina's own statement regarding why he chose to change the name of his event to T-shack (Heklina is pretty clear on all this, I've spoken to him personally on the matter), and instead opts to jab and prod because we continue to ask that the media and marketing aspects of our community to not popularize words that are derogatory and hurtful to thousands and thousands of trans women, and trans people in general. Beyond all that, Dans choice of phrasing, his couching of an issue in what trans activists are doing wrong in his eyes, "Heads Up" ?? AYFKM? How patronizing is that? As though we aren't already aware of the SBC's stance on the issue? As though we weren't aware even before their official announcement. It's no shock to us that conservative christian organizations are largely transphobic and ignorant. It is however a shock that Dan thinks this kind of sentiment is appropriate and warranted after all the discussions we as a community have had to have with him over the years (there have been many). I would like to retroactively title all of my comments on this thread "Heads Up Dan Savage, You're being an insensitive dickhead... again."
Jun 12 Voxpop commented on Heads Up, Trans Activists.
From another local trans activist "It has become clear from reading the arguments of the ”free speech” side of the debate over the use of the word tranny that analysis of power has been so effectively removed from our thinking that the distinction between satire—a rhetorical tool of the oppressed that uses mockery to lambast the oppressor—and cruelty has been lost on most people. I’m so tired of hearing cruelty be defended as “edgy” and “punk.” I’m tired of hearing those with cultural status and power whine about the infringement on their right to call people with less cultural status and power whatever they want WITHOUT CRITICISM. Because lets face it, we’re not talking about preventing people from using slurs under the penalty of imprisonment, torture or death; we’re merely using our free speech to express and explain our disapproval at being referred to by words that have historically been wielded against us as weapons."
Jun 12 Voxpop commented on Heads Up, Trans Activists.
I think people in this thread who are supporting Dan's critique of trans activism, specifically that done by trans women (those that receive the most harm and violence accompanied by the use of words like the T word and sh***le) should note comment #38. This is the kind of person that agrees with you. If you don't think you are supporting those that would misgender us, those that would call our requests for basic rights "special privileges", and those that would attempt to convince others of the perceived spuriousness of our identities, please know that you are absolutely working in collusion. This is not the first thread that has attracted transphobia on the side of Dans/Ru Pauls/Our Lady J/Calpernia Adams/Andrea James particular argument, far from it, but I find it telling that this blatant transphobia is not being called out by those that so vociferously claim to be our allies. The very essence of privilege is deciding something is not a problem, because it's not a problem for you.

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