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Jul 20, 2009 Great Post As Usual commented on Protecting Marrige [sic] on Craigslist.
Honestly, I think we should be taking Ref 71 VERY seriously. IF they get 125,000 signatures (they only need 25K more because they KEEP lying to people to get them to sign), then this thing goes to the ballot. If it goes to the ballot, we have to get everyone to VOTE YES on 71 yet we've all messaged it as homophobic, so many will think voting no is the best choice.

Without the equal protections offered by the domestic partnership expansion bill that the signature gatherers are trying to repeal, our LGBT families are at risk. Those who fought for our rights at Stonewall deserve to have us fight for their rights now. And that's exactly what the expansion of DP's does. It provides same-sex elderly couples with so many important protections. Without it, these couples (even heterosexual unmarried elderly couples) will be denied shared housing at retirement centers. Children of state employees (police officers, firemen, etc) will be at risk of losing financial stability if their LGBT parent dies in the line of duty. These children will not be afforded the right to be covered under their parent's insurance. These are HUGE factors in R-71. We can't laugh about it going to ballot because if it does, then over 5000 Washington Families will be put at risk.

Those trying to get signatures are lying by saying they are protecting children and families. They are instead harming children and families. But they are getting signatures because they're using the Prop 8 playbook of lies and propaganda. So many people believe the LIE that homosexuality will be taught in schools. They are terrified of this fact and we need to stop laughing about the stupidity of the lies and start reaching out and educating people about the truth.

WE have 1 week to get the message out: DECLINE 2 SIGN REF 71. After that, IF they get enough signatures, we have to all work together to get as many people to the polls as possible to Vote YES on 71. Seattle can win this... we all just need to be ready to take some action. If not, we'll wake up the day after elections and feel just as defeated as California did. Whether we like it or not, these people will say whatever it takes to get signatures. They will lie as much as it takes. We're the only ones who can promote the truth.
May 13, 2009 Great Post As Usual commented on “This Is Probably Our Opponents’ Worst Nightmare”.
LOL @7 you are such an angry person. Lighten up. Sounds like you're just constantly looking for someone to blame.

My guess is ERW just won't listen to you because I know for a fact that they've listened to myself and friends before, and we were just volunteers at a Pride Parade once. And why should they listen to you? You obviously don't respect them, so why should you get their respect? Everyone has their flaws and we all wish that the rights would just fall into our laps, but while you're sitting around complaining ERW has been steadily getting all the rights needed to protect our Washington families. They just got us all the rights of state-wide marriage without the word. And you know what that does? It gives us an opportunity to protect our families NOW. The word will come, but when it comes to protecting families, you have to ask yourself what's more important? Your stubborn pride or "all the legal protections except the word marriage." If you choose the all or nothing approach, then you are putting a lot of Washington families at risk and only thinking of yourself.

If you ask me, I'm glad that they made that choice instead of someone as angry as you because there's no way in hell our state legislature would take you seriously. ERW has its flaws for sure, but they have earned the respect to play the game of politics and used their experience to determine how we could protect Washington's LGBTQ citizens now. And yes, there are great sacrifices that we have to make in a fight for equal rights, and right now the word marriage has been sacrificed. But beyond that, they have taken us extremely far and the word WILL come. So get over yourself for a second and think about all the families that have just been helped. If you want your opinions heard, then stop being such an asshole. Respect is not something you're entitled to. It has to be earned. So earn it or stop whining.