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The "warmists" and the oil companies scratch each others back and have been for years. All to keep oil artificially high! Yes, it's true. Oil is both plentiful and regenerative, and it will be plentiful as long as the planet exists. Both groups have an interest in making sure that this is not believed. It's common knowledge that oil fields that were once thought to be dry are now being found to have oil in them, again. Oil IS NOT a fossil fuel. Lenin said that "a lie told often enough becomes the truth". Soon after the end of the second world war, Stalin, realized that the USSR needed it's own substantial oil reserves if it was ever again called on to defend itself against another attack. At the time it's largest oil fields in Baku were considered to be depleting and nearing exhaustion. Stalin set up a task force of top scientists and engineers in a project similar to the Manhattan project. Charging them with the task of finding out what oil was, where it came from, and how to find, recover, and efficiently refine it. What they found is that oil is not a "fossil fuel" but is a natural product of planet earth. Formed by high temperature, high pressure continuous reaction between calcium carbonate and iron oxide. Two of the most abundant compounds making up the earth's crust. This continuous reaction occurs at a depth of 100 km at a pressure of 50,000 atmospheres and a temperature of approx. 1500c and will continue on until the death of the planet! The high pressure, as well as centrifugal acceleration from the earth's rotation, causing oil to continuously seep up along fissures in the earth's crust into subterranean caverns, which are called oil fields. The Russians have found plentiful oil at depths greater than 13km. No fossils have ever been found at depths even close to this depth. If, indeed, oil is a "fossil fuel" how can this possibly be?