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Jan 14, 2016 Dan B commented on One of the Most Important Climate Change Trials in the Country Is Happening in Lynnwood Right Now.
http://www.thesolarfoundation.org/nation… Solar jobs grew by 20% in a year and are expected to grow by nearly 15% this year. Job growth is 12 times the employment growth rate of the entire US economy.

http://www.bls.gov/iag/tgs/iag211.htm#ia… US Oil and gas jobs dropped by 35,000 to 185,000. With the Saudi's dumping oil on the world market and Iran expected to ship 2 million barrels this year the glut may force the price to $20 per barrel. Fracking and tar sands oil are profitable only if the price exceeds $80 per barrel.
Jan 14, 2016 Dan B commented on One of the Most Important Climate Change Trials in the Country Is Happening in Lynnwood Right Now.
US Oil and Gas industry is contracting, Solar is growing fast: a single US renewable energy sector — solar — added 35,000 jobs during 2015 growing to more than 208,000. By comparison, the entire US oil and gas extraction industry composed just 199,000 jobs at the start of 2015 and by its end had contracted by 14,000 to 185,000.
Jan 14, 2016 Dan B commented on One of the Most Important Climate Change Trials in the Country Is Happening in Lynnwood Right Now.
The fossil fuel industry in the US (and some other countries) is in trouble with the price of a barrel of oil down to $30 from a high of $130+ in a little more than a year. China is rapidly deploying renewable energy: solar pv and wind. Their industrial sector is slowing so demand for this oil is very uncertain. We're witnessing US fossil fuels in panic mode, a very dangerous mode both for communities and for stockholders. Here's a link to oil train accidents in the US: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CVZl8FhVEAAh… Notice how many there have been in W Washington. Fortunately no explosions or fires. With increased oil trains that is not likely to continue to be the case.

Sydney; Thanks for continuing to write on this. I saw a post that the judge in the trial instructed to jury to ignore all expert testimony. Kangaroo court or what?
Dec 11, 2015 Dan B commented on Five Months After a Devastating Fire, Columbia City's Bob's Quality Meats Has Reopened.
OMG I'm so glad they're back in business. I've been buying expensive and sorta tasteless chicken from PCC. Bob's chicken from a Renton farm - supposedly they roost in TeePees at night - and their eggs are wonderful and very reasonably priced. It's a good day for cooks in SE Seattle!
Nov 4, 2015 Dan B commented on Two Senators Have Proposed a Plan to Outlaw All New Drilling and Coal Mining on Federal Lands.
Sydney; Thanks for posting on global warming topics. I stay up to speed on the increasing climate chaos that the MSM doesn't cover much (understatement). The chaos is increasing at a rate that is exponential, no longer linear. Renewables fast!
Nov 3, 2015 Dan B commented on Why Kids Are Suing the Department of Ecology Over Climate Change.
Thanks for reporting on this.
The MSM in this country are doing a terrible job reporting on global warming's rapid progress so the general public has little concern. There are two aspects: It's going to be very damaging very soon. In some places global warming is already disastrous. To know this you have to read a blog like Robert Scribbler.
Transitioning rapidly to clean energy will reduce the impacts and create millions of jobs - no "new" technology necessary, we've got cheap solar and wind technology already. They're cheaper than coal and will soon be cheaper than gas.
Oct 13, 2015 Dan B commented on Only Seattleites Know That Seattle Is a Major American Tech Hub.
#10, a friend of mine moved to Seattle from New York City in the '70's. His relatives sent him canned goods for months.
Oct 13, 2015 Dan B commented on Guest Editorial by Amelia Bonow: What I've Learned Since I Started Shouting My Abortion.

Congrats on SYA!

Back in the pre-Rowe days a cousin of mine had an abortion in Mexico. Her sister helped her. When she got home - 1000 miles from Mexico - she was bleeding. She couldn't go to a doctor because she could be charged with a crime. Her boyfriend didn't help her or want to see her. She and her sister kept this from everyone but me.

I believe part of the reason she confided in me is because I got involved in Chicago Gay Liberation in 1969. Our simple tactic was to be visible in ways that were both personal, open to family and friends, and political, protests and public events. It was frequently scary. We learned how to avoid a mafia hit and nearly had 3,000 people arrested by the Vice Squad at a dance we put on. This was when there was no dancing or touching at any gay bar in Chicago. The contrast between the was the struggle to achieve easy access to abortion and the LGBT rights struggle is clear. My cousin felt comfortable telling me about her abortion in part because she recognized that we had both struggled with sexual shaming. Being visible made a connection similar to the one your grandparents made with their 90 year old friend.

Keep up the good work. Change may come more quickly than you realize.
Oct 5, 2015 Dan B commented on A Few Things I Noticed About the Washington Coast.
Kathleen; A group of us have been going to a resort a dozen miles north of Ocean Shores for years. One section of the beach is closed to cars. We've walked it dozens of times. This year it shocked me that it was so barren. The beach had all the things you mentioned: Kelp, shells, jellyfish, etc. This year nearly nothing except several dead seabirds of the same species in a one mile stretch. Apparently they're starving to death. Much of this is likely the result of 'the Blob', a huge area of very hot water off the coast stretching from southern Oregon to beyond the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The warm surface water is killing fish due to lack of mixing. This prevents the water from getting oxygen. In addition the warm water causes diseases to proliferate.
Aug 20, 2015 Dan B commented on About Josh Dugger's Ashley Madison Account.
Gay men in Saudi Arabia and other anti-gay countries have been exposed. Their lives are in danger. Even the straight AM account holders are in trouble since extra-marital affairs are capital crimes. I believe there are 1200 .sa accounts on AM.