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Jun 26, 2013 Dan B commented on "What Should I Know Before Deciding to Move to Seattle?".
Put Georgetown, along Airport Way, on your list. Fantagraphics and lotsa artists who used to be in Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill. It may not be the place you want to live but it's where your kindred spirits have moved.

North Beacon hill is inexpensive, rapidly improving, has a semi-gay bar at Baja Bistro and a Filipino drag show at Inay's every Friday. Plus it's got light rail which will soon connect to Capitol Hill. The diversity is great - latino, Filipino, Pacific Islander, East African, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and more.

And there's Columbia City which has diversity and upscale fun shopping district / restaurants. It's tiny and lacking a gay bar but it too has light rail. So it depends if you need gay bars or prefer online dating.

Seattle has gay people everywhere but these three southend neighborhoods are very gay friendly. I lived on Capitol Hill a couple blocks from Julias and most of the gay bars for many years. It's gotten overrun by lots of very well off tech workers and lost its appeal for me.
Jun 12, 2013 Dan B commented on Hey Rodney... How's That "Moderate Nonpartisan Collaboration" Working Out for You?.
Rodney Tom = the road to hell for so many wonderful kids. But he doesn't get it because...


He doesn't stop between Medina and Olympia.

He is a wealthy white he.

He believes that wealthy whites know how to make "the poor peoples rich.

He was "so scared, so terrified" by a dark person that he's got to be protected so they won't get in his club.

What we've given up to feel "safe". Humanity, humility, compassion, opportunity for all, the foundation of the American Dream.

Apr 18, 2013 Dan B commented on Hey, Ohio. It's Not the 1950s Anymore..
I was born and raised in Ohio. I left after being shunned by professors who'd placed me in an honors program.

Fear, ignorance, and shame are alive and well in Ohio. It was once an innovator in manufacturing and invention. Now it's Mississippi and Arkansas North.

Innovation requires looking in the mirror with both eyes open. Ohio shuts one eye with faith, that could be opened by actually following Jesus - Hah, like that will ever fucking happen! The other eye is shut, nailed shut by "tradition" which these days means obedience, discipline, and punishment. Good luck if you've one iota of creativity. You'll be stomped into the once fertile ground of Ohio.

Glad I left.
Mar 22, 2013 Dan B commented on Should Seattle Mandate That Construction Companies Hire Locally?.

Come to the forum and find out. Or check out Got Green's website.
Mar 22, 2013 Dan B commented on Should Seattle Mandate That Construction Companies Hire Locally?.
Okay, time for a little background here.

The city built a new community center for Rainier Beach. The reason was to benefit the community. Many construction workers live in Rainier Beach, skilled and experienced construction workers. What these people, and the Rainier Beach community, most needed was jobs. That would have provided the most benefit to the community.

When the light rail was built it was the same thing - lots of skilled locals, almost no local hires, mostly folks holding signs.

What Got Green wants to do is reward contractors who hire locally, up to a certain percentage. The goal is getting some local hires.

Most of the comments posted are biased and show a profound lack of knowledge of the history and the vision.
Jan 17, 2013 Dan B commented on Learning From Fukushima.
We can hope that Japan's politicians and bureaucrats adopt "intelligent demand" and smart grid technologies and get the country off the big behemoth that goes by the false meme that's called "baseload".… is a great summary.

And if you want to proclaim nuclear the way to salvation look to the single nuke being built in the US - massive cost overruns, years long delays, etc.

Countries that develop smart, nimble, and networked power supplies will be positioned for the demands of the 21st Century.
Jan 8, 2013 Dan B commented on Okay, Let's Play Pretendsies and Let's Pretend that Humans Aren't the Primary Cause of Global Warming.
Everybody watch last Sunday's interview by one of the most knowledgeable, and great to look at and listen to, experts on climate communication. Anthony Leiserowitz on Bill Moyers.…

He had great tips on what to do with skeptics and all sorts of people - really handy for those "quirky relatives".

One tip is to always include solutions and state it's an economic opportunity, a way to make our communities healthier, and we have a moral obligation to care for the planet (add: that God gave us in perfect condition. When speaking with conservative religious folks. Watch their faces!)
Jan 4, 2013 Dan B commented on The Only Budget Crisis We Have Is the One Being Manufactured By Republicans.
Some points: Not too long ago it was determined that Krugman was the most accurate of the Sunday pundits. The best way to predict accuracy of the pundits was this - the more left of center the more accurate, the more right of center the less accurate at prediction.

My feeling is that right of center and far-right economists have stopped accepting data that contradicts their beliefs. Until this changes their influence will be primarily as propagandists and supporting the status of dog-eat-dog financiers. (dog-eat-dog is actually big dog-eats-little dogs)

The biggest stumbling point of most right-of-center folks is a belief that money is a "thing" - solid and of fixed size. Money is a promise. You can exchange it for goods or services. It's linked to how productive a corporation, individual, or society is.

When people get scared of "the debt" it's because they believe it's eating away at a solid thing. When you consider "the debt" to be like a loan, something that greases the wheels of progress, it's suddenly more important to keep it the right size, not a fixed size.

If you have too much debt relative to GDP the flow becomes overheated. Too little debt and the economy goes cold.

It's like saying you can't afford more blankets when you've got the flu, because you're not working and not making money.
Jan 4, 2013 Dan B commented on Sunday Sunday Sunday! The Return of the World's Most Lavish and Gratifying Soap Opera.
Some good friends said, "Downton Abbey is the GOP version of the world. Revenge is the DEM version."

Downton=Saintly caring upper class
Revenge=Evil, self centered, rich folks
Dec 25, 2012 Dan B commented on Any Good Ideas Where to Go for Christmas Brunch?.
Dim Sum at appropriately named "Dim Sum House" on Beacon Avenue a few doors south of Columbian Way is great and an incredible bargain. You order from a large menu or from the daily specials. It arrives fast, super hot, and delicious. Gorging for 3 runs between $14 and $17.

Their sticky rice is fragrant from the banana leaf wrap and extra goodies. The turnip cakes are crispy, rich, and total comfort. And there are dozens of rolls and dumplings - and Pho, or their version.

The front's not pretty but it's clean inside and the service professional. Try it!

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