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Jan 28, 2015 mrssquires commented on RockCreek's Response to My Criticism of Their Hiphop Brunch: "This Is Actually a Celebration of Struggle".
If a person truly wants to invest in "the struggle", they do so under the direction of the struggling. The only successful avenue for White people to join in said struggle, and participate in moving us towards a more just and equal society, is to realize that they can never, ever fully understand what being Black in America encompasses. So fight the good fight, but know it is not YOUR fight. When the march is over, white protesters can still walk through Bartell's without being followed, reach for their wallets in a traffic stop and not get shot, dispute a transaction without being pegged as aggressive or dangerous.

Dudes a douche. No Rock Creek for us.
Mar 7, 2013 mrssquires commented on Center School Students, Alumni, Parents Testify at Packed School Board Meeting, Board Members Signal Support of Controversial Curriculum.
And, yes, the complaint should certainly be made available publicly. the complainants identities could easily be protected. Shame on SPS.
Mar 7, 2013 mrssquires commented on Center School Students, Alumni, Parents Testify at Packed School Board Meeting, Board Members Signal Support of Controversial Curriculum.
I am the parent of one Center School graduate and a current Center School junior. Perhaps the best testament to the validity, value and resonance of the social justice curriculum at Center is the way in which my older (23 years old) daughter's fellow alumnus have mobilized and responded to this situation. A) Research B) Mobilize and C) Act. The class of '08 has responded in huge numbers, articulate and well presented testimony and impressive solidarity.
Way to resonate, Jon Greenberg.
Mar 2, 2013 mrssquires commented on Seattle High School Teacher's Race and Social Justice Curriculum Suspended After Parent Complaint.
I am the parent of a Center School graduate and a Center School Junior. Jon Greenberg is an amazing instructor, and many of the Center School students I am acquainted with (all between the ages of 23-26 presently)credit the social justice curriculum at Center as a formative, positive contributor to their lives- academically, socially, and personally- after high school.

During my older daughter's time with Jon, there were definitely grumblings from 1 or 2 (Center is a very small school) parents who felt their students were "being made to feel badly about being white" and a few about feeling a 'gay agenda' was being pushed. At that time I was a member of the parent board, very active at the school, and present sporadically in many of the classrooms. At the time, I am now somewhat chagrined to admit, I treated those people like I treat folks who quote FOX news- tried to politely explain that I had never experienced any adversarial or 'blaming' language' connected with the curriculum, ENCOURAGED THEM TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE INSTRUCTOR AND/OR PRINCIPAL to discuss their concerns, and then ignored them.

Frankly, the appalling part of this situation, for me, is not that someone had an issue - discomfort is often not easy to work through, and dull witted people are everywhere- but that the district acted on ONE complaint without EVER enforcing their usual policy of insisting that conversations take place first at a school level.

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Dec 6, 2012 mrssquires commented on Does the Seattle Rain Feel Different This Winter?.
Hell yeah it's different. No seven shades of grey like usual- I've lived here all my life and it is more like I associate with trips to Southeast Alaska.