Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Dec 7, 2012 Seabee joined My Stranger Face
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Multiple times. Here are some highlights;

It was 2000, and my UW friends and I were visiting a HS friend in Pullman (WSU). We were at a house party in enemy territory and I spotted my prey. This chick was so wasted- she could barely tell which way was up. As the night went on, and I had consumed numerous brewskies, I decided it would be entertaining to see how drunk this girl actually was. I stood behind here and proceeded to pour my beer over her head. She didn’t flinch and my friends and I were hysterical with laughter.

Florence, Italy, circa 2002. I was studying abroad and my friend and we decided to go out to one of the clubs for his 21st birthday. We had both joined a study abroad program that originated on the East Coast, so we had a lot of meaty Jersey Shore types among us. That particular night- the club was full of them. Greasy hair guys an girls with fake Gucci bags. One guy approached me and we somehow got into an altercation. He called me an anorexic bitch. We exchanged words and somehow I had offended him to the point of him spitting in my face. I not only threw my drink in his face (hair pomade actually wicks away the cocktail quite well) I also threw my drink glass at him, which shattered right above his face on the wall. Then the mafia showed up and the group disappeared out the back door.

The rest of my college years (even before I was in Italy) I spent quite a few parties pouring beer over various frat guys, just for fun. It was not as aggressive as splashing a drink in one's face, but it does still count. There were a handfull of times when I would leave a party covered in beer as well. Good times.

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