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Dec 8, 2012 DaveOnTheAve commented on RIP Bob Quinn.
Bob Quinn was a great man. I have seldom been to Cafe Allegro but know that he was a fixture at Cafe Solstice.

He was a really great guy.

I felt really sad seeing him in September and October, carrying a sleeping back attached to his back pack, and didn't want to ask him about his situation, if he was homeless, or what not. He seemed like he just didn't have a lot of life in him, and his hair noticeably more unkempt.

He changed and touched the lives of so many people, while at the same time he was a very private person.

There was a mention of a manuscript of his life story, and I hope that ends up being published.

I made a donation to this needle exchange, but I am hoping there can be a more meaningful memorial, planting a small garden on the ave in his memory, or adding a park bench.