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Sep 6, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
I have not spent time there is several years, so I cannot swear this is still true but the San Francisco Bay Area has (had?) a kick ass system that integrates busses, a subway system and the fabled streetcars into a convenient,affordable, reasonably sanitary, reasonably well regulated means of getting to wherever you need to get within the city and very close to pretty much anything in the surrounding service area.
Between this and the wonderful things I've heard about Portland's public transportation I fail to understand why Seattle's pencil pushers can't examine those systems (in cities with torrential rain,several campuses, convoluted neighborhoods and hilly, windy bits-some of the same challenges Seattle has) that do work and apply the results of that study to efforts to make Seattle's public transportation more useable.
Aug 4, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh, and Sugar, not to add to your worries but you might want to visit a clinic for a full panel STD screening. These dirtbags could have exposed you to more than heartache and justified anger.
Aug 4, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
What assholes! Darlin', you're absolutely right to be pissed! How dare they use you, your time, energy and emotions in their little games without having the basic decency to tell you that you were part of the game!
Jun 28, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
I'll come stay with you- I might drive you slightly insane about the dishes which I WILL wash but will need help putting away and I can't answer up for when I might need to use the facilities but I will not leave you with dregs in each of your snack containers or put an empty container of anything back in your fridge and if my visit is longer than 48 hours I will, at some point during my visit, vanish on my own for a few hours so that you can have a bit of breathing space and will, most likely, return with market bags full of the things I need to cook supper and a few non-perishable goodies for you to enjoy at your leisure after I'm gone (and a fresh bag of Oreos- I said I would not leave dregs, I did not say I would not raid your stash at 3 am ;) )

Yes, a host has an obligation to see to the basic comforts and needs of a guest but a houseguest has an equal obligation to refrain from making their host insane....and the surest way to be asked back is to try to make your host sorry to see you leave.
May 10, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
Stop yoyo dieting-It's terrible for you and makes finding the proper combination of meds and proper dosage all but impossible.
Make an appointment with a reputable dietician and a qualified psychotherapist and work towards establishing a healthier, less chaotic pattern in both your physical and mental/emotional care.
Feb 10, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on Savage Love.
No, Dan, it was not "cunty" of you to react with "THIS BITCH CAN GET LEGALLY MARRIED AND I CAN'T?!?!"....it was an obvious and rational response to this irresponsible, soulless slut's utterly self-serving, so called dilemma....and I wish that all the anti-equality assholes out there would catch a clue that it is "people" like this from whom marriage needs protection not you, not two of my dearest friends who cannot marry- I introduced them 14 years ago and they've been together since about a week later- faithful, steady, supportive of one another, everything spouses should be and yet without access to the legal and financial benefits or the social acceptance that comes with that piece of paper that this horrible woman is using as a trick towel.

Feb 4, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
"Those jumping on you for "not holding your man equally responsible" are doing so with very little information.".....

You're right, in part- there are always three sides to a story His, Hers and the objective reality...we have only hers and only the part she chose to tell....
but when IA wrote "..... but you decided to hook up with my man after I told you how happy I was with him. Sleeping with him over and over, even after you got caught!" that tells us that she kept the man and that he continued to cheat on her with her (now former) friend- That's about all the information needed to determine that there's a double standard in play.

Feb 4, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
And yet the cheating man is innocent in this diatribe? Sorry, IA, but you lost your right to outrage when you kept the man after you discovered that he was screwin' around.

I am not especially vehement about monogamy but I am a bear for kindness and honesty and a dude who goes behind your back with a friend is neither honest nor kind.
Jan 13, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on I, Anonymous.
You truly have my sympathy- I once slunk back to a watering hole in abject shame a few days after being similarly struck with either a virus or food poisoning and vomiting copiously all over the ladies' room. I was utterly mortified but the mess I left weighed on my conscience- I was still embarrassed but the apology, underlined with a fifty dollar bill did relieve my guilt... Now that you've confessed, and I know it was not easy, please clip or print this column and put it in an envelope with a crispy bill of the highest denomination you can afford.
Put the envelope in the mail slot of the wonderful establishment.... you will feel better, trust me.
Jan 13, 2011 LeBeau59741 commented on Savage Love.
Smegma is totally different- That's the disgusting combination of shed skin cells, bacteria, sweat and traces of urine and other secretions that collects under the foreskin of an uncircumsised man who is not careful about keeping himself clean... sort of the penile equivilant of toe jam.