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Mar 24 Former Lurker commented on Teen Arrested in Israel for Phoning in Bomb Threats to U.S. Jewish Organizations.
Imagine if Muslims also had mentally ill people who made threats against others (or perhaps goaded into it)...
Feb 24 Former Lurker commented on The Week in Weed: Trump Declares War on Pot, Weed Goes Nuclear, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg talk 'Greenery'.
@4 the best way to smuggle nukes into the US is by driving across the Mexican border in open flat bed trucks hidden underneath a pile of guns, cocaine and Cuban cigars.
Feb 24 Former Lurker commented on White House Bars NYT, CNN, BBC & Other "Fake News" Orgs From Press Briefing.
Repeating what Spicer or the White House says is not journalism, reporting or news. There should just be 24/7 on the ground news of what is actually happening, how people are responding, what people can do, investigation into policy impacts, etc. Do not publish anything from the White House or any press releases since they are likely full of lies and inflammatory garbage and adds nothing to knowledge.
Feb 22 Former Lurker commented on The Morning News: Another Hot Scoop about Milo Yiannopoulos (Just Kidding, We're Gonna Talk about Zoning).
@3 the worst is the monolithic apt 6 story building between roosevelt and 11th and stretches from 45th to 47th. what a waste.
Dec 19, 2016 Former Lurker commented on One Way to Protect Washington State's Legal Weed Market from Trump: Burn It to the Ground.
What a waste of words... what is the need to do this in the face of ongoing legalization efforts while CA just created a legal market? WA state is the furthest from anyone's minds even if die-hard prohibitionists wanted all out war. CA and CO would be first.
Dec 14, 2016 Former Lurker commented on Enter Darth Vader, the Dominatrix.
It's a prequel. Vader is younger in Rogue One...
Nov 10, 2016 Former Lurker commented on Cities Will Lead the Resistance.
Well Clintonites like Murray and Savage won't be leading the way forward. They fought for an unelectable candidate in the first place and now will help lead the progressive charge? Time to step aside and let young progressives move ahead....
Oct 24, 2016 Former Lurker commented on See Nate Gowdy's Photos of Chelsea Clinton at Town Hall Seattle.
did her wall street husband attend as well?
Oct 11, 2016 Former Lurker commented on The Morning News: Authorities Sweep the Jungle, Seattle Times Editorial Board Publishes Something Heinous (Again).
@25 What % of Seattle's homeless are actually from Seattle do you reckon? 10% or 90%? My bet is closer to 10%. Most probably from South King County, the Eastside, Snohomish County, Pierce county, etc. Seattle has been accommodating them. But this leaves the rest of the state off the hook to deal with it and the cost.