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About the rant on the situation that happened to this poor woman in Ireland, there is a somewhat similar situation happening right now in Costa Rica. A woman whose baby has absolutely no chance to survive is being denied pregnancy termination. For four months now, she's known every day that the baby she is carrying in her womb will not survive outside of her womb. The information is in Spanish, I am posting the link, and I'm translating the text. If someone is able to call some international attention to the matter, it would be deeply appreciated.…

TITLE: The Legistature Transform her Pregnancy in a Torture

She prefers not to mention her name nor show her face.
For over six months, this young mother has carried in her belly a baby she knows has no hope of surviving outside the womb.
The small child has no abdominal wall, therefore its organs, such as heart, lungs and intestines, will be exposed. His legs did not develop and has many malformations.
She knows this since the eight week of pregnancy, and each day since has been a torment.
She asked the doctors of the Calderon Guardia Hospital for a pregnancy interruption, but she was denied as the Penal Code prohibits the abortion,
The young mother feels how the baby moves but she knows there is no hope more than waiting for its death.
This has affected her emotionally, and she looked for the legal help about her rights as a woman and filed a civil right suit.
We requested the position of the doctors at the Calderon Guardia but they failed to reply.
We consulted an specialist about the posibility to interrupt the pregnancy.
The stress this woman is dealing with affects her physical health, and so she is requesting a C-section instead of a natural delivery.
She and her lawyer will take the case to its last consequences, as they consider her legal predicament to make her life torturous.
For now, he baby's health declines and her heart breaks.