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May 14, 2009 jedstrom commented on No Tunnel, Says Mayoral Candidate McGinn.
Remember Boston's "Big Dig"?
This is like getting involved in an illegal (the people are against it), expensive (several times the cost estimates), and rather stupid decision, just like Vietnam & Iraq. NO TUNNEL! Follow the money: the city wants the taxes from shoreline developments (hotels & condos). I love the views from the current viaduct. A suspended bridge would be better, like they have in Vancouver, B.C. Taking that tunnel would be a life-threatening gamble, and I would avoid it at virtually all cost. This is an ego thing, a legacy thing for the Governor and the Seattle Mayor, but if there were a referendum, it would not pass. Is this a democracy or are our politicos seeking the equivalent of Bush's library in Dallas ("The Museum of Shame") for their ego fulfillment!!