Feb 11, 2015 loverly commented on Savage Love.
What a great column, Dan!
What an amazing mother, PANICKED must be. For her son to be so open with his parents is a wonder and they must be incredibly mature and supportive for this to happen. I'm so impressed.
Feb 5, 2015 loverly commented on Savage Love.
i'm going to add to the group of people who were married and not having satisfying sex. I too only had sex with one partner before marrying the same partner. It was pretty lousy and it got worse as the years went on. Adding to the problems, he developed delayed ejaculation, probably from all the masturbating HE did from not being satisfied. My partner refused to discuss it. When I asked how to make it pleasurable for him he said, "that's your job to figure out." I begged him. I asked him to let me watch him just so I could be a part of his orgasm.

So he dived into Porn and I was lonely and I was so sad. I was convinced that people who wrote about mind blowing sex were lying! AFINCH you talk about struggling alone. That's exactly how it feels!

there were other problems. but the final straw was over sex.

The first time I had a sexual encounter with another man, and he came, it almost cracked my brain! I was so happy to know that it wasn't just me. That I could arouse someone was a revelation.

The real sticky part IMO is that neither one of the people in LW1's story are all right or all wrong. Sex IS subjective and as simple as it it, it's also so complicated. I do believe that people who are committed to really loving and understanding each other can figure out how to resolve a lot of sexual differences. But you have to put aside a lot of hurt and resentment. You have to truly be an adult who cares about the other person more than your own feelings at the time. I say keep pushing LW1! Force him to face it, one way or another.

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"Rim Away" Why isn't this on a t shirt?

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I did, at 40, and now I'm having the best sex, a great time and feelings of love I have never experienced
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Neil Patrick Harris is over 40? The most shocking thing in this column!!!
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@94 Why should the woman carry all the knowledge herself? He was 50% involved in creating a pregnancy. He should know that it's being dealt with. Why should he live in blissful ignorance while someone else takes care of the unwanted pregnancy?

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As one who had her first MFF experience a few weeks ago, I caution OBA not to get too wound up. I'm glad I did it, and I want to do it again, but my fantasies were a lot better than the reality. Our unicorn talked a better talk than she walked. These things happen, and just like sex with one partner, sometimes it takes practice and time to find the right person/groove.

Ask around among friends who might have similar interests. You might be surprised!
Good Luck!
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i agree with a lot of the advice given to SITTERS. speaking a female, problems with inflammation, irritation and infection are horrible! I go to great lengths to avoid these circumstances.

I would also be worried that it might screw up the good sex that you're having, which you say you want to keep having.

In my case, I really want to have a breast reduction and lift, but my nipples are an important part of my sexual sensation, and docs can't guarantee that that sensation won't be diminished after surgery. IMO, that is not worth it, so I spend money on bras instead.

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SLIM should know that there are a lot of kinky clubs out there where people meet and engage in impact play without sex. in fact, open sex is not allowed in many of them. My best friend attends one, once a month, and is happy to spank, flog or cane all comers...

Join a social club. Get to know some people and attend a club night. She will find someone she likes, who will be happy to oblige. Even better, if she makes some friends, they will be able to keep her away from the sleezeballs who break the rules.

But don't do it secretly. That will be the beginning of the end IMO
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Has CC considered that maybe the myriad men who have manipulated material into their asses, might be in the ER because they have a humiliation fetish? Your doctor friend might be the victim of a forced BDSM scene! Perhaps the real warning should go out to ER doctors about the dangers of non-consensual consent...

*tongue firmly in cheek*