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Feb 20, 2014 dangerkitty5000 commented on It Could Soon Be Legal For Satanists to Discriminate Against Christians in Arizona.
I hope it also protects individuals who work at restaurants, etc.: "You must reject Christ and all His teachings if you want these Chicken McNuggets!"
Aug 30, 2012 dangerkitty5000 commented on Clint Eastwood's Sad, Weird Speech at the Republican National Convention.
"It's probably not a good sign when Clint Eastwood is standing in your corner with an empty chair." Hillary Swank.
Feb 14, 2012 dangerkitty5000 commented on Today's Dinosaur News.
Mmmm... Dinosaur bones!
Sep 23, 2011 dangerkitty5000 commented on Let Us Pause Now to Consider the Shit Storm....
If a straight soldier had asked a non-DADT question last night, everyone on the stage would stood in line to suck the guy's cock.
Aug 25, 2011 dangerkitty5000 commented on WE'RE RRRRRRICH!!!.
How do they know its not actually cubic zirconia?
Jun 22, 2011 dangerkitty5000 commented on Will Levi Be Prosecuted?.
Maybe she just forgot that Wasilla residents were no longer required to pay for their own rape kits.
Jun 8, 2011 dangerkitty5000 commented on Greenwald on Weiner.
Barbara Walters had an affair in the 70's, so she's a LIAR and all of her subsequent reporting should be discounted as plausibly untrue!
Sep 2, 2010 dangerkitty5000 commented on Really Can't See Myself Voting Republican.
Let's not forget that the official GOP party platform (2008) contains a radical, divisive bit of prose regarding this issue:

(from http://www.gop.com/2008Platform/Values.h…)

"Preserving Traditional Marriage

Because our children’s future is best preserved within the traditional understanding of marriage, we call for a constitutional amendment that fully protects marriage as a union of a man and a woman, so that judges cannot make other arrangements equivalent to it. In the absence of a national amendment, we support the right of the people of the various states to affirm traditional marriage through state initiatives.

Republicans recognize the importance of having in the home a father and a mother who are married. The two-parent family still provides the best environment of stability, discipline, responsibility, and character. Children in homes without fathers are more likely to commit a crime, drop out of school, become violent, become teen parents, use illegal drugs, become mired in poverty, or have emotional or behavioral problems. We support the courageous efforts of single-parent families to provide a stable home for their children. Children are our nation’s most precious resource. We also salute and support the efforts of foster and adoptive families.

Republicans have been at the forefront of protecting traditional marriage laws, both in the states and in Congress. A Republican Congress enacted the Defense of Marriage Act, affirming the right of states not to recognize same-sex “marriages” licensed in other states. Unbelievably, the Democratic Party has now pledged to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which would subject every state to the redefinition of marriage by a judge without ever allowing the people to vote on the matter. We also urge Congress to use its Article III, Section 2 power to prevent activist federal judges from imposing upon the rest of the nation the judicial activism in Massachusetts and California. We also encourage states to review their marriage and divorce laws in order to strengthen marriage.

As the family is our basic unit of society, we oppose initiatives to erode parental rights. "
Apr 23, 2010 dangerkitty5000 commented on Slog, Meet Your Future Babies.
I think I read somewhere that a sea monkey's preferred diet is rotting pumpkin. But nobody ever has one of those lying around.
Feb 3, 2010 dangerkitty5000 commented on That's Smurfing Creepy.
I hear the script calls for a graphic scene depicting Papa Smurf's dual liver-transplant/vasectomy surgery.