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Mar 13, 2013 PontifexFalsum commented on My Reaction to the New Pope.
@PontifexFalsum would have had several things to say about this on Twitter. But Our account has been suspended yet again by the Catholic Thought Police and We are weary of efforts to get it reinstated, as a non-famous mortal with no time, shit out of luck.

A small lonely cry for a future where free speech truly exists and atheist humor is given preference by Big Internet over whining Catholics. And for a real world where the Pope no longer matters. Oh well. At least SLOG doesn't ban anyone for calling out the Pope on his shit.
Mar 1, 2013 PontifexFalsum commented on Really Enjoying The Dowager Pontiff.
@PontifexFalsum here, thanks be to God (or SLOGgers) for intervening and getting Twitter to reverse our suspension. Down with the Catholic thought police who got us suspended.

@dowagerpontiff -- Heaven may be big enough for hundreds of dead popes, but is Twitter big enough for two fake popes? Can Dan be pope-oly-amarous and love both of us?

Or is he pope-a-mogamous and will he unfollow me?

Mitres off to you, @dowagerpontiff - see you on Grindr along with Cardinal O'Brien. :-) @PontifexFalsum
Feb 26, 2013 PontifexFalsum commented on This Is a Big Fucking Deal.
How many of the amicus brief writers are Catholic? Scalia et al. see the constitution through Pope-colored glasses.

Speaking of the MF-Pope, my @PontifexFalsum Twitter was SUSPENDED for impersonating the (real) pope.

No shit. Would have had a heydey on latest Vatileaks stuff.

Any SLOG readers know anyone at Twitter who can get @PontifexFalsum re-activated? As a non-famous person without much free time, it's impossible, 5 days now and they ignored polite emails & web form appeals.

FYI it was a clearly marked parody account with no violation of TOS -- some Catholic must have complained and Twitter pulled the plug.

I had just 180 followers, including Dan, so I guess it wasn't that funny, and he's probably too busy to help out and won't see this. As a non-famous person without a lot of free time, I'm shit out of luck (never swore on Twitter).

Yet we are Prayerful someone on SLOG can help.

Eternal gratitude,
@PontifexFalsum (suspended)
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