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Your patience is extremely admirable.
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My first memory of seeing or playing Street Fighter II when I was a kid was during a family visit to NY in my old ketamin addicted cousin's bedroom. I remember wanting so badly to play, and so badly wanting to see what that sassy looking girl character could do, but my brother and older cousins wouldn't let me play, and absolutely would not play as the girl. Pig bitches.
When I finally got to experience the glory of Chun Li for the first time was when the 7/11 near my parents' house got a SFII machine. I got to see her move, got to choose her alternate costume color, got to play half of a round until my dad would pull me away, back into the car, because he was done pumping gas. And there was no reason to let this child enjoy itself.
The night I finally saved enough of my own money to buy a used copy of SFII I had butterflies in my stomache. I'd never had that feeling before. Long story short, the next 10 years of my life were dedicated to the godess Chun Li. She has been a driving force and an influence on my life. She helped me understand that it's ok to have big thighs. She taught me how to spread my legs and spin on my head, how to jump on a dudes head if he tryin' to rape you, and how to throw shade from across the room while someone is making direct eye contact with you. Bitch changed my life, and made me a stronger person.

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Dec 13, 2012 fazzyfaz joined My Stranger Face
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where's shinji?