Not enough like Twitter.

Apr 11 Homple commented on Can a Flotilla of Kayaks Block Shell's Arctic Drilling Rigs in Seattle?.
@34 If the Stranger community eventually gets its way, Seattle's industrial jobs will disappear and the only employment available to its members will be waiting tables and pouring drinks for Microsofties and Amazonians. And perhaps grants for graffiti performance art.
Mar 6 Homple commented on Why You Should Give a Fuck About the Port of Seattle's Decision to Help Destroy the Planet.
@46 "We need to take our ports back."

What do we plan to do with them when we get them back?
Feb 19 Homple commented on The Viaduct Is Still Sinking—A Full-On Stranger Panic Attack.
"...the structure will sway sickeningly before pancaking into liquefied earth."

That liquefiable earth is the same dirt that entombs the tunnel, no? That tunnel drilled through partly fill earth that lies many feet below the Puget Sound? But the earthquake that will topple the viaduct won't affect the tunnel because our ace geotechnical engineers say it won't.
Jan 8 Homple commented on Who's Paying for Bertha's Overruns Again?.
@1 "It's going to be a fun debate when 'the region" of Seattle is put in the position of arguing that it is not benefiting from the tunnel."

Assuming the tunnel is ever finished, that is.
Sep 17, 2014 Homple commented on How to Adjust to Multicultural Seattle if You're from a Small Town.
Mudede seems to write for the rubes who just fell off the turnip truck and start laughing at country yokels before they comb the alfalfa leaves out of their hair.
Sep 16, 2014 Homple commented on How to Adjust to Multicultural Seattle if You're from a Small Town.
I lived and worked in Europe 15 years then settled down in Washington state. I've had a good look around the major cities of the Continent and the UK, lots of the smaller ones and quite a few in the USA. So I have some experience with cities and the culture and opportunities therein.

My experiences tell me this: the only thing that exceeds Seattle's provinciality is the air of superiority it affects to hide it.

And the condescending twat who wrote this article is a perfect example of that attitude.
Jul 29, 2014 Homple commented on Guest Editorial: The Rent Is Too Damn High, Let's Get It Under Control.
Somebody might want to look at the effects that building codes and tenants' rights laws have on the amount and type of rental housing built
Jul 14, 2014 Homple commented on Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment.
I'm confused. We're expected to laugh at deniers of biological facts, like anti-evolutionists, but then are required to take seriously the protestations of a person with x and y chromosomes who claims to be a woman.
Jun 3, 2014 Homple commented on That’s Kind of Racist, Dude.
That was the racist incident of which you couldn't let go without spilling an article complaining about your mistreatment? Being mistaken for a foreign tourist? Seriously?

That's one mighty thin skin you've got there.
Jun 3, 2014 Homple commented on It's Time to Turn Your Back on Amazon.
Why all the screeching? Order your books online direct from Hachette, assuming they have an online store. If they don't have one they ought to set one up, thereby taking control of their own business.

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