Jun 29, 2015 CQ1 commented on I, Anonymous.
@7 - The title references a German opera called Die Fledermaus (pronounced roughly like deflator-mouse).
Dec 20, 2013 CQ1 commented on Seattle Men's Chorus Will Continue Working with Sign Language Interpreter Deemed "Unqualified" by Deaf Community.
I have read the letters on the Deaf activists' blog, read the Seattle Times article, listened to the KIRO radio interview with Frank Stilwagner, viewed this KING5 news piece, and now read the SLOG article. It is unclear to me why Katie Roberts and other Deaf community members have not reached out for face-to-face conversation and problem-solving with Flying House Productions, the non-profit organization that runs Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus. I am sympathetic to the concerns about access for Deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members and I acknowledge that I do not have the skills to evaluate Mr. Gallager's ASL interpretation. However, I like to think that together, Flying House and the concerned Deaf community members can come to a win-win solution for all parties. (Not "my way vs. your way," but a third way that all parties participate in creating.) As a hearing person, I find Kevin's work to be beautiful - he interprets music with his body in a way that is thrilling to audiences. I did not know until this week that Kevin does not follow grammar rules of ASL and that his beautiful work, is unfortunately, not meeting the needs of Deaf patrons. As a supporter of both SWC and SMC, I take this concern about accessibility very seriously -- but I would encourage both sides in this debate to come together for conversation and joint problem-solving. It seems to me that Flying House is willing to do this, and they are open to working with the Deaf community to come to a reasonable, win-win solution. It is unclear to me whether Katie Roberts is open to having this conversation... my impression from the blog and articles is that Ms. Roberts is taking a less flexible approach and hiding behind the 'list of demands.' I think a more productive solution would be to meet with leadership of Flying House (exec. director and board members), with a professional mediator if necessary, for some conversation that will help increase compassion and understanding on all sides. I am hopeful that whatever solution comes out of this will ultimately improve access for Deaf patrons and I encourage all sides to work together to reach that goal.
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I visited a traveling zine library in an airstream trailer once -- it was awesome. They traveled with the library around the U.S. & Canada for a few years. It was called Mobillivre. Maybe something like that would be an option for ZAPP?
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Cienna - Thank you for this article. Excellent work, and so very eye opening. I go to Swedish for my healthcare and had NO CLUE about the religious affiliation.
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Dec 14, 2012 CQ1 joined My Stranger Face
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Surprised to see that the Cafe Racer shooting right here in Seattle is not on this list...