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May 21 Rob L commented on Savage Love.
As the former partner of a diaper fetishist I think you should take bad Dan's advice and if (when) you find out that diapers are so exciting that they are going to be a MAJOR part of your sex life, then you have to tell your partner that the MUST be a major part of your sex life, or you should remain friends but part as sex partners. This may seem harsh, but it will be much better for both of you.
Nov 30, 2013 Rob L commented on Savage Love.
I was GGG to an adult baby for years. It worked well. It only fell apart when he was so consumed with diapers that he would no longer meet my vanilla needs. There are guys out there who are going to be fine with it if you can be fine with their needs. But, Dan is right, you will probably be much happier with someone who shares your kink.
Jul 21, 2013 Rob L commented on I Am a Terrible Person.
I don't think it's fake, I did much the same, not in college, but for years afterwards. Then it loses its luster. The people you hurt don't seem worse for wear and it makes a nice memory all round.
Jun 6, 2013 Rob L commented on Savage Love.
Thanks for clarifying the lines between GGG and allowing one partner to take over the sex life of a couple. I, like EFFED tried to be GGG about my partner's fetish for years. But, soon enough, his fetish was all we were having for sex, and he felt it was unfair if I asked for a few vanilla encounters.

Everyone should be GGG, but if only one side is, then DMFA.
Jan 4, 2012 Rob L commented on Savage Love.
Any such lawsuit would be quickly thrown out on First Amendment grounds. Besides, American courts don't award apologies.
Jul 7, 2010 Rob L commented on Dan Savage.
I bought the book on Amazon before I finished your column.
Apr 13, 2010 Rob L commented on Savage Love.
Dear Dan,

Please ask your readers to support Ed Case. You have come to the conclusion that it is a violation of our rights to allow the majority to vote to take away the right to marry from a minority. Ed Case was way ahead of you. You may recall that the current wave of marriage activity began when the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that it was a violation of equal protection to deny same sex couples the right to marry, but they returned the case to the lower court. Before the case was decided and the plaintiffs could marry, certain legislators drafted a bill to let the citizens vote to amend the state constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. On January 21, 1997, in the Hawaii House Judiciary Committee, Case cast the lone nay vote against advancing HB117, the bill that would allow a referendum to effectively, constitutionally ban gay marriage. Ed Case went on to represent Hawaii in the US House of Representatives, but gave up that seat to run for the Senate. He lost that race and is now trying to regain a seat in the house created by a special election (so there is no party primary). He is neck and neck with a “family values” Republican with the solid Democratic majority in the district being divided by another Democrat (who supports domestic partnerships, gee, thanks).

Let’s support a candidate who not only says he supports gay marriage, but actually cast a brave vote long before anyone else was doing so. He stood by us; lets not forget him. Please donate at www.edcase.com

Robert La Mont
Nov 3, 2009 Rob L commented on Savage Love.
The (www .tinyurl.com/cfj89d) link didn't work for me, could you double check it?

I loved the advice to ACLU! Oh to be a 14 year old proto-gay today, so much better than in 1968.
Oct 29, 2009 Rob L commented on Savage Love.
Dan, the first thing that occurred to me when I read the "cuckoldt lifestyle" letter is that you were being set up, "ACORN" style, but some right wing anti-sex bigot. If they didn't know you (and one assumes such people don't), they might have assumed that you would write a sympathetic letter which they could then use to expose you as a supporter of child abuse. This would strengthen their argument that gays and healthy sexuality in general are threats to children. The use of the term "lifestyle" makes me suspicious. That is how homophobes talk about gays; "in the gay lifestyle" because they think it demeans it as just a frivolous choice. As anyone who reads you regularly could have told them, you are very big on consent and protection of children, so it also strikes me, that the writer did not read your column regularly. We will probably never know who this writer really is, but I am deeply suspicious.
Oct 22, 2009 Rob L commented on Hate Crimes Bill Clears Senate.
I am a lawyer with 25 years experience. Dan's analysis is correct.

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