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Mar 5, 2014 know-it-all commented on SL Letter of the Day: About a Boy.
Fake? If not, I recommend a time machine to rescue Cecil here and his writing from the nineteenth century. Jesus Christ! Haughty, overwritten--I couldn't make it past the second paragraph.
Dec 29, 2013 know-it-all commented on I, Anonymous.
1) As someone who has been riding the bus for 20+ years in Seattle, IA's point is valid. This happens all the time. People are distracted by their devices to they don't pay attention. Some are just assholes who don't care.

2) You can't always tell when someone is disabled or for whatever reason needs to sit, or use other accommodations for the disabled, like the bus lift or the tunnel elevator.
Dec 8, 2013 know-it-all commented on The Homeschool Apostates.
Abuse thrives in environments of isolation. Simply put, if your homeschooling parents are abusing you and the only people you have contact with are said parents (as opposed to being in a school system where there's a chance for outside intervention of some kind, however flawed) or your siblings who are being abused, and you're a child w/out money, transportation or any way to live without your parents, there's no way to stop the abuse or get away from it. That's it. Seems pretty obvious.

Add to that religious beliefs which enforce a system of men wielding power over women, and adults over children beyond what is reasonable to keep the children safe and cared for, and the locks are sealed even tighter.

Yeah, all parents who homeschool may not be fundamentalist freaks with anti-social personality disorder, but if they are, they will be able to abuse their children with impunity.
Aug 31, 2013 know-it-all commented on I'm Declaring October 25th "Get Really Fucking High and Go See This Movie" Day.
Love Jackass. Will see it, even if it sucks. The trailer itself was hilarious. I'm happy to relive those moments and maybe pick up a few more. Yeah there was a send up Little Miss Sunshine in there, but it went a lot further and that made a difference.
Jun 9, 2013 know-it-all commented on Street Harassment.

You actually don't have to be super attractive to suffer street harassment, I say from experience as an average looking woman whom some might describe as cute on a good day. All you have to be is there withyour vagina in tow.

Here's a list of what I, an average sometimes cute, woman, have endured:
Ass smacking, commands to smile, being offered money for sex while I sat reading in a cafe, a man whispering the following in my ear as I sat in my bus seat: "I'm going to rip your clothes off," a bus driver joking about how he was going to kidnap and imprison me while I stood near the front door waiting for my stop, a man walking next to me down the ave in broad daylight saying sexual stuff (he finally left when I walked into the Varsity lobby, pointed to him and loudly announced that he was following me), chased me on my bike demanding to perform oral sex on me, stared at me through the skylight of my apt., called me a bitch, called me a cunt, when I was 12 an adult man whispered to me that I had nice breasts when my grandmother turned her back, taunted me with sexual comments and questions about my body as I walked to Planned Parenthood, asked me if I'd ever had an abortion, whistled at me as I stood in my apt. doorway then pushed in the door and cornered me in the stairwell after I rolled my eyes and went inside--Thank God for neighbors, threw a beer bottle at me after I yelled: Fuck you! in response to his sexual comments, sat downin the booth next to me and blocked my way out after I told him I was not interested in having sex with him--I ended up climbing out of the booth, picked me up off the floor after I moved away from in front of him to get a better view of the band, picked me up off the floor while I was dancing, picked me up off the ground while I stood talking to friends outside an art gallery, masturbated while staring at me as I sat in a trolley seat opposite him, pulled out his penis and started jumping up and down as I approached the entrance to Cowen Park--I changed direction, told me he had a monkey in his van--I was 6?--unzipped his jumpsuit and started tugging on his penis--fortunately my friends were close by and my mother was mere feet away in our basement, came up behind me to to ask my name and tell me I was sexy and told me I needed to change my attitude, followed me closely on his bike while I was running and stopped when I stopped modified his speed to keep pace with me and laughed when I gave him the stink eye and told him to stop, came up behind me and grabbed my crotch--fortunately was convinced to run away when I pulled my umbrella on him......

Okay, I could go on but it's too depressing. I will say that you can add to the above countless comments and leering.

Again, I am average looking.

Apr 26, 2013 know-it-all commented on Mark Driscoll Compares Wives to Water Torture.
Why yes, I am drunk. That second drink dropped me right in the bag.
Apr 26, 2013 know-it-all commented on Mark Driscoll Compares Wives to Water Torture.
Perhaps Mr. Driscoll (Father Driscoll? I'm an atheist so how the fuck do I know how he's addressed?) would do better to abstain from us cunts altogether except when he needs dump a load. To hear him tell it we're pretty damn unbearable so why bother with us at all? He should just rent one of us from time to time. At least then he'd be constructively interacting with us by helping some woman pay her student loans or feed her kids without being burdened by his awful, ethically impoverished,
intellectually impoverished, unoriginal, and a multitude of other icky things,
personality (the person thing is a bit of a stretch but I'm feeling generous).
Mar 3, 2013 know-it-all commented on Why Middle-Aged People Walk into Traffic.
This is a problem in my neighborhood. There is now no safe way to get to my bus stop in the morning thanks to the construction of condos that I could never afford to live in. I have two choices: run in the street along side the construction site for about 20 feet, or attempt to cross at a crosswalk where cars usually will not deign to stop if they even see me when I attempt to enter the crosswalk in front of the massive SUV parked at the corner.
Feb 2, 2013 know-it-all commented on Local Coffee Chain Starts Charging Customers a 1.5 Percent "Sick Leave Surcharge".
I don't go to Cherry Street because the staff are always rude. My standards for service are pretty low. I just want to get my food without dirty looks or waiting for 20 minutes for a sandwich when there's only one other customer there. I don't need or want my ass kissed. I'm polite. I tip 20% and round up. Even though I like their food I stopped going there because the service was unpleasant and shitty. Whenever restaurant staff are
shitty I always wonder if the owner is an asshole. Seems like
that might be the case here.

Why is this guy so fucking put out by giving his employees sick leave? It's just basic decency.