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Dec 16, 2012 ZanyZanne joined My Stranger Face
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I struggled for years with a son who had several provisional diagnoses and no real treatment or help. Unless he perpetrated crimes we could not get any real help. He had incredibly violent moments and most of the time the police viewed those issues as "domestic" and as my failure as his parent. There was a lack of financial resources according to social workers to help him because he didn't fit in to their disability need profiles. When he turned 17 - Wisconsin considered him an adult and the few bits of support we had in place were taken from us. I sent him to Challenge Academy at Fort McCoy and although this program is supposed to help kids just like my son - they kicked him out after 5 weeks - and it was because he finally made the right decision to not partake in illegal activities but angered another cadet in the process. This was a turning point in my son's life and I am relieved to say that at age 21 he's not in prison or worse. But I often wonder if he had had the benefit of more positive support and help and if he had been able to complete that program, could things be better? I feel like my son was pulled away from that cliff, but not far enough away to ensure his future stability. Now he can't get help as an adult because he's been inconsistent about follow up and again because he's not actively a criminal. There is no help in preventive efforts; it's only in the tragic aftermath does this become a discussion point that is quickly forgotten. I understand completely this mother's fears, and other than sharing my own story - I have no words that can help calm them.