It's not very popular.

Dec 16, 2012 momof joined My Stranger Face
Dec 16, 2012 momof joined My Stranger Face
Dec 16, 2012 momof commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
I write as a mother and a mental health worker. I have been kicked, slapped and head butted by my child. I was lucky. I had money, I lived in a blue state, I had health insurance and because I was training in the mental health field, I had access to good advice. My child is okay now. And now I work in the mental health field and every now and again, someone will come to me with with this combination of developmental delay and emotional outburst and brilliance. I am able to see just one case like this at a time. The work is exhausting and a little scary. Rage is a frightening thing. It blows things up. It rampages. It's a seizure with action and words.

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