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Dec 16, 2012 popper1937 joined My Stranger Face
Dec 16, 2012 popper1937 joined My Stranger Face
Dec 16, 2012 popper1937 commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
thank you for sharing this--I am a R.N. certified in mental health nursing. I have no doubt Adams mother shares your story and have been having conversations about our lack of Comprehensive Mental Health system. Lets stop fooling ourselves that it only about gun control---it is clearly about the lack of understanding by our politicians .As a country we need to address our health system and social concerns with more money and top priorities. when budgets are cut mental health is at the top of the list---by our govt. and the insurance companies are allowed to follow this lead.Wake up America and do something real for a change--for our children before it is too late. These tradegies begin in childhood. Wake up PARENTS and see your childrens needs and address them.

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