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I saw someone else post about Bach flowers as a remedy. I have been using this for my husband for years and the improvement is phenomenal. B-complex vitamins are helpful as well but you also should lay off processed foods. I do not think that man-made drugs are a panacea for ANYTHING, and changing and mixing the drugs and dosages cannot possibly have a positive effect on anyone. If you find something that works, as did the poster with the low dose of Ritalin, fantastic! that is great news and the drug has worked as intended, as many drugs will for those who were truly properly diagnosed AND are not allergic or sensitive to the drug - but if you are mixing things up, it cannot possibly be beneficial.

We didnt have these kinds of mass murders at this rate before processed foods, GMOs and mass-marketed psychotic drugs were around. Think about THAT. The pesticides and herbicides we eat are poison. And while I dont believe they are the sole reason for any of this madness, I believe they do exacerbate the condition. There are many who believe that all illness, mental or physical, is curable by diet alone, and while I am not fully convinced, I believe these methods have merit that need more research.