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It has been shown that ALL mental illness has a physical cause. It could be a hormonal balance, like a thyroid issue. It could be a tumor in the brain. But most often it is food intolerances causing mental problems.

My husband's cousin was suffering for many years from absolutely debilitating depression. They tried every anti-depressant there is, nothing worked. Until they found out that she is dairy intolerant. Once completely off dairy, her depression completely lifted within a week. If she cheats and eats a yogourt or ice cream today, she will be back in the deep black hole of depression by tomorrow.

All schizophrenics are gluten intolerant, 100% of them. Nearly all (about 95% ) will be completely cured on a gluten free diet. Too bad that would put psychiatrists out of business, so they don't want to know, and they certainly don't want their patients to know.

Gluten has also been shown to cause depression, bi-polar, anxiety attacks, ADHD, OCD, defiant behaviour, anger problems...... really ANY mental illness there is, in people who are intolerant.

I used to have complete meltdowns about once a week or so before eliminating gluten from my diet. I am also on the autistic spectrum, which makes me more susceptible to be gluten intolerant.

It sounds like this young man might has Asperger Syndrome, like me...... and eliminating gluten and/or dairy from his diet to see if it helps would be a good idea.