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Dec 16, 2012 busP joined My Stranger Face
Dec 16, 2012 busP joined My Stranger Face
Dec 16, 2012 busP commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
I think this mother's comments are an illustration of the tip of a very large iceberg. I am a retired former teacher who spent my entire career teaching learning different children. Many of them suffered from conditions that impaired their ability to socialize appropriately and communicate their feelings in acceptable ways. The parents of these children love them and want the best life possible for them, but they know the challenges they present. Even with the most stringent effort of diligent and caring teachers, when placed in a traditional setting, these children will often be ostracized by other "normal" students who, disturbed by their tantrums and bizarre behavior, often react by bullying or teasing them. As a teacher, I, too, struggled with my feelings of helplessness, frustration and often guilt in being unable to provide what they needed. I hope this mother's letter can help bring attention and positive solutions to this growing problem.

Yes, some might say that without the guns that were available to him, Mr. Lanza would not have been able to commit this terrible act. But a mentally-ill person intent on causing harm to others will find a way, whether with a gun, running a car into a crowd, or strapping a bomb on his body and detonating it in a crowded place. As our world population continues to grow exponentially, so will the number of mentally-ill people. We need to listen to concerned teachers and parents like this one and identify potentially dangerous individuals and intercede before their behavior can escalate into another mass murder.

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