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Dec 16, 2012 torycane joined My Stranger Face
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I am a psychologist who has worked in community mental health for years and done some time in a hospital ER. Sometimes the work is incredibly rewarding, like when you know that your empathy and validation made a difference or when you had a lightbulb moment and some luck and got someone into the program they needed without a week-long wait. But there is a part of the job that is so frustrating. Because the thing is- we have programs to help the most seriously mentally ill (not perfect by any means and we need mental health parity and more funding and on and on....) and sometimes the people who need these programs most say no to them either directly or behaviorally. Want to know how many times I've gotten someone an intake appointment for case management so that they could get more intensive treatment in the community that they didn't show up for? More than I can count. And sometimes the most effective intervention has been the natural consequence of involvement with the law. I think incarceration system needs an overhaul full stop but when someone refuses to take the medications that keep them relatively regulated, it's a very tough battle for any mental health practitioner. We need a system where we can more actively mandate treatment and safeguard the public when mandated treatment isn't complied with.
V. Cane, Kalamazoo MI