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Marion here I am a grandmother raising my grandchild here in NZ I have worked… more »

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Thank you for the sharing...... I so resonate with this story....having loved and supported my own adult child through mental illness accompanied with her Parkinsons disease... she took her own life tragically and I care for her child...... It scares me sometimes...... sometimes I ask what is normal tolerance for some behaviours..... and what is because of his tragic life experiences..... Love, compassion , understanding..... allowing space for the special gifts "these children" bring into the world and there are so many more of them today..... it is an oppourtunity to wake up and begin to teach and provide for our children differently......All the time I was reading the above I kept thinking of oUr Education Minister of our Government in New Zealand and she and her sources of information need to take stock! and be a little more creative in their output and planning. GRatitude for the lovely souls who are always willing to listen and support...... My heart and soul go out to this woman , myself and others who are still able to find the energy and time to make a stand.......<3