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Jul 7 Patrick McGrath commented on Today Marks 8 Years Since Syd Barrett Died.
Talk about pushing boundaries. This was around the same time that Rubber Soul came out, and while that's one of the greatest albums ever there is nothing as avant garde as Astronomy Domine on it. Or Pow R Toc H. I still get goosebumps listening to Syd's solos.

BTW, you should check out "Let's All Make Love in London" if you haven't already. It kicks off with a live version of Interstellar Overdrive and some footage of the band.
Jun 18 Patrick McGrath commented on Defeating Minimum Wage Laws Like Seattle's Is the "Top Policy Fight" of the International Franchise Association.
Do you understand the franchise business model? It's a clever construct by which local entrepreneurs bear all the risk while international businesses reap the profits. Who exactly do you think you're kicking here?
Apr 22 Patrick McGrath commented on Is It Okay to Bring a Big Gulp to a Fancy Restaurant?.
I once heard a definition of "etiquette" that stuck with me. It's behavior that makes the people around you comfortable. By bringing big gross outside food and drink to a fancy dinner they cheapen the experience for everyone around them. Which is too bad because at least some of those other diners don't get to go out for fancy meals too often and had to save up for that special night.
Apr 17 Patrick McGrath commented on Port Angeles Idiots Stage Fake Kidnapping, Could Face Real Charges.
This reminds me of a "prank" I heard about once where some idiots glued an infant car seat to the roof of their vehicle and then drove around town. Good Samaritans were running into traffic to get the attention of the driver, etc.

Mar 6 Patrick McGrath commented on What's Crappening?.
Billy Corgan has gone full Barrett.
Feb 26 Patrick McGrath commented on Did Uber Limit Supply of Drivers in Effort to Push Up Fares?.
If this is a problem, then maybe we should include limits on artifical caps by TNCs in the regulations that Seattle is considering.
Feb 25 Patrick McGrath commented on Calls for Taxi Deregulation Ignore Seattle's History of Failed Taxi Deregulation.
Specifically what parts of the '79 reform "didn't work?" The rate change, the cap lift, or something else? And who didn't it work for, really? The fact that caps were reestablished doesn't prove that what we have now is the best approach, particularly in an industry whose legal framework is held up as an example of regulatory capture. These are honest questions, because I've read many of the same reports you have, Goldy, and I never could get a clear read on the reasons things changed back in Seattle in the 80s. I suspect it had less to do with facts on the ground and more with a resurgent taxi lobby.

BTW, check out Ireland for an example of a cap lift that's stuck. If memory serves they also set up a program to help compensate license owners for the resulting drop in the licenses' (absurdly inflated) worth.
Dec 20, 2013 Patrick McGrath commented on Today in Hero Worship: The Bespectacled Guy on the Bus.
Your “results” include more than this one incident. They include all the other times someone like our man tried to disarm and subdue a gun-wielding thief. Let’s be generous and say that 90% of the time it works out perfectly. And 10% of the time someone gets shot. Those odds aren't that different from Russian roulette. Are you telling me that you would play Russian roulette over a cell phone? Or force the girl in the pink coat to do it?

I didn't think so.

To be clear, I think that guy did an amazingly brave thing, and he should feel proud. But that doesn't make it a good idea in general if you're being robbed and you have time to think.
Dec 19, 2013 Patrick McGrath commented on Today in Hero Worship: The Bespectacled Guy on the Bus.
I hope it was an automatic reaction. Grabbing at a gun is a stupid thing to do just to thwart a robbery--for you and the people around you.

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